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with GUEST: Marcia Stirman of New Mexico
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As many of you are aware Judicial Watch was one of the sources to first expose ISIS presence just over our southern border - to which the MSM responding by trying to discredit Judicial Watch
Since then additional writers and organizations are also their thoughts and concerns about the ISIS presence and there are talk amongst our fellow citizens that is not being shared…. Marcia will share with us what she is hearing and her own thoughts.
We know Hezbollah is in Mexico….why would it be a stretch to believe ISIS is there as well? ISIS themselves have claimed thru their propaganda network that they can simply enter thru out southern border thru Mexico to attack the USA
see here……..
ISIS Mag Details Plan To Transport Nuke Into U.S.
Simply put….. we have a terrorist organization that wishes ill and death to our nation….why anyone would doubt that they would be in a neighboring Country with a unsecure border - is just not taking the situation seriously Head in the Sand - or - Agenda = you tell me!
Even Jade Helm is being possibly linked to ISIS
Marcia Stirman is a staunch Christian conservative with a local political talk show as well as an internet show.
 She is the New Mexico state president of Eagle Forum. In 2008, she wrote a letter to the editor that went all over the world.
 She made 16 points why she is a conservative, saying that Obama is a muslim socialist.
 She was kicked out of the local GOP and received over 800 phone calls at her home, 90% of which were supportive.
She spends hours per week working to inform Americans of the issues our nation faces. She invites you to join us getting the word out.