News for June 18th

Democrats: $130 Million for Health Care for Illegal Alien Kids
Obamacare subsidies on track to cost billions this year, report says
Josue Ontiveros signs up for health insurance under Covered California in February with the help of Nicole Rivas in Los Angeles.
Mark Zuckerberg Gives $5M to Undocumented Immigrant College Fund
ICE Records Reveal Steep Drop in Worksite Enforcement Since 2013
By Jessica Vaughan June 2015
Sen. Cruz Introduces the Immigration Slush Fund Elimination Act
Donald Trump Announces Presidential Bid By Trashing Mexico, Mexicans
‘Immigrant Groups’ Are Battling It Out In The Streets Of Fargo
280 to be deported in Midwest immigration bust
Mexico whines about increased Texas border enforcement, says it ‘promotes DIVISION’
And this
Texas Has A New Border Security Plan, And Mexico Doesn’t Like It One Bit
“Why Would Any Country Bring In (Millions Of) People Who Instantly Need Our Help? We Have Our Own Poor People To Take Care Of…”
Deport All Illegals, Start With Prisoners, ACLU, SPLC, Bring Back HUAC, – Michael Savage
Immigration Reform 2015: ‘Marriage Fraud’ Bill Targeting Undocumented Immigrants Approved By Louisiana Lawmakers
Austin Church providing sanctuary to women scheduled for deportation
another Elvira Arellano - remember Folks…if she is a felon…. in many states a citizen can make a citizens arrest - just a thought to ponder - but before anyone do anything - remember - this Administration cares more for the illegals amongst us that it does for its own citizenry
Mexican Illegal Alien Molests 10-Year Old Girl in CHURCH – Gives Unbelievable ‘Excuse’
By Top Right News on June 15, 2015 in Immigration
And once caught and the lame asinine excuse given - what does this puke do ….uses the get out of the Country card fully knowing he can return anytime seeing no one will secure the border with Mexico
Illegal immigrant allowed to practice law in New York faces death threats
Hope and Despair as Families Languish in Texas Immigration Centers
Languish my ass - they do not like the detention center (which they are at because of their actions) then SELF DEPORT
121 Illegal Aliens Avoid Deportation, Now Charged With Murder
Katie Pavlich | Jun 15, 2015
Between 2010 and 2014, a group of 121 illegal aliens were held by Immigration and Customs Enforcement and scheduled for deportation. Despite being scheduled for deportation, they were never removed from the country and have now been charged with murder.
And This
Shocking New Report Exposes How The Obama Admin Has American Blood On Its Hands
Illegal ALIENS Go On Hunger Strike… Here’s What They’re DEMANDING #NoAmnesty
from Ruthie
A quick note to the hunger striking demanding illegal aliens in Phoenix Eloy Detention Center.
One of the five demands listed in this article by YET ANOTHER hunger striking group of illegal aliens is “””There should be no more criminalization , detention, and deportation””” ……
UNBELIEVABLE - you can’t make this stuff up.
Dear Hungry illegal alien -
You are a criminal…you spit on and broke the law - CRIMINALIZATION.
You are in a DETENTION center because you are a criminal and that is where illegal aliens are kept
You should and will remain there until our laws are enforced and you are DEPORTED
What we should just ignore our immigration laws for a mere 200 hunger striking criminals - Oh Please!
Again I say ……….
Give them a choice…… Starve or Self Deport … We must SECURE THE BORDER
Indicted immigration lawyer taken back into federal custody
WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO: Mexican Cartel Members Blow Up Child And Rival
by Ildefonso Ortiz16 Jun 2015399