News for June 25th

The Red White and Blue will WAVE STRONG… I am offended by foreign flags in this Country - attempt to eliminate “OLD GLORY” and the price that will be paid will be steep and those wanting to ban it will LOSE - Do Not Like the American Flag and want it stands for to many of us - Get The Hell OUT!!!!!!!
BREAKING: Black Leader Calls for U.S. Flag to Come Down – “Who Are We Fighting Today? It’s the
And This………………………
Demonstrators burn a US flag in Denver as protests against ‘state-sponsored racism’ spread across America in wake of South Carolina shooting
Supreme Court upholds ObamaCare subsidies
Sen. Sessions Introduces Bill to Strengthen Interior Enforcement
California wants to force taxpayers to subsidize illegal immigrant children’s health
Monday, June 22, 2015 by: J. D. Heyes
Gee - they couldn;t find a more heart tugging photo than this one ….. wonder if they went and toured America … they would be able to find our FELLOW CITIZENS in dire need of assistance….like say our Veterans dying from lack of care and/or living on the streets. STOP WITH THIS EMOTIONAL PANDERING - clean our own house first
Why are American Taxpayers being forced to fund healthcare of law breaking illegal aliens in the first place? Who is representing the American Citizenry? Clearly aiding and abetting the lawless while implementing financial pain and emotion distress of the people they are suppose to represent
‘Fast track’ trade bill clears key Senate hurdle
Senate advanced a key part of a legislative package in a necessary procedural vote.
Exclusive — Mark Levin: Boehner’s Retaliation Against Conservatives Means Open Warfare, Time to Take Him Down
Huge surge’ of ‘unscreened’ Muslims flooding U.S.
Feds ‘admit, under oath, that they have no idea who these people are’
Immigration Reform 2015: Obama Administration To Make Release Easier For Immigrant Families Under New Policy
Jun 24, 2:35 PM EDT
US says truck hijacked in Mexico, crossing cards stolen
Jeb Bush Says He Speaks ‘More Spanish Than English At Home’
Dave Gibson has a poll out at Universal Free Press asking
Poll: Do You Think ‘President Trump’ Would Actually Build a Wall on Our Southern Border?
Illegal Immigrant Student Waves MEXICAN FLAG As She Crosses Public College Graduation Stage
Authorities: Suspect In Crash That Killed Bob Barry Jr. Previously Deported 3 Times
Immigration Status of course was not reported
Man who caused deadly wreck had prior DUI arrest
June 21, 2015
As a 3-year-old boy fights for his life following a deadly head-on collision, CBS46 has learned the driver accused of causing the crash was recently in trouble with the law.
Report: Released Illegal Aliens Rapists Not Tracked or Registered as Sex Offenders
by Katie McHugh24 Jun 2015127
Examples of Serious Crimes of Illegal Aliens
Hate Symbolism: Donald Trump Piñatas Now on Sale in Mexico (And Soon To Arrive to the United States)
Allan Wall
Gee - Mexicans upset with Donald Trump can display such violence and hatred against Donald Trump for stating the way he sees it by creating this and beating it to destruction …….but hells bells if we Americans would say create one of the Mexican President or of a black President (Obama) with whom we do not like what he has to say - and we beat that with a stick all hell would break loose…….
The violence and double standards are just unbelievable.
Trump Dumped! Univision Drops Miss USA Pageant Over Mexican Immigrant Remarks
Seeing that only about 1,000 people even watch this “World Peace Koolaide Drinking” event anymore anyways - bet Donald is not too worried. But I am concerned about Trumps response……
“I love Mexico,” he insisted. Read his tweets below:
Mexican gov doesn’t want me talking about terrible border situation & horrible trade deals. Forcing Univision to get me to stop- no way!
Question for you - just getting an idea of who would and who would not be on board with this action/thought…………….……….
How many of you are tired of fighting the two major parties that are not working for the American Citizenry?
How many of you want to continue doing the same thing fighting the Establishment for the upcoming decades while watching our safety security and sovereignty jobs etc. continue to vanish?
How many of you would take a stand - START A MOVEMENT - and stop voting for one of these clowns and instead for for a valid candidate of a third party? (Conservative Reps could join the new party)
How many of you would rather fight for a real candidate than arguing over candidates that will never undermine the Establishment RINO’S?
How man y of you would join me in fighting to break this Nation free of the two party system and save our Country?