News for July 30th

Illegal Immigrants Outnumber Unemployed Americans
11.3 million illegal immigrants in U.S.
July 27, 2015 1:40 pm
The number of illegal immigrants in the United States totaled 11.3 million in 2014, outnumbering the 9.6 million Americans who were unemployed in the same year, according to data from Pew Research Center and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).
Federal Reserve: Illegal Immigrants Take Teenagers’ Summer Jobs
The majority of American teenagers learned valuable life lessons about earning money and taking responsibility from the end of World War II until a series of immigrant amnesties in the late 1990s started replacing them with cheap immigrant labor.
The program that gave Jaime a pathway to become a teacher — Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) — has allowed more than 664,000 people to work legally in the U.S.
There is also a piece on this that brings into question the status of three of them
White House Honors 6 TFA DACAmented Teachers as Champions of Change
“Another liberal post for the LAWLESS!!!! - Gee, what about lawful teachers?
Apparently Obamnesty could not find respectable Legal and/or American Teachers to Honor. Just more IN YOUR FACE lawlessness by the person currently residing in the White House.”
Mitch McConnell Submarines Kate’s Law and Defunding Planned Parenthood
Documented Irresponsibility
Thomas Sowell | Jul 28, 2015
Obama to Protect Illegal Aliens Based on “Accrual of Unlawful Presence” in U.S.
Your Tax Dollars Paid 97% of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Migration Fund Budget
July 25, 2015/in Immigration, Must Read, Policy, Religion, Taxes /by Ann Corcoran
Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Office Raided By Feds As Investigation Into Fraudulent Obama Documents Winds Down
Sheriff Joe has been a Patriot and has and is paying the price - personally I would like to say……….. THANK YOU SHERIFF JOE - we all know you could have done like many and stuck your head in the sand but you didn’t - we are grateful
Some Mexican cilantro is being banned in the U.S. after health officials found human feces and toilet paper in growing fields from which herbs have been linked to hundreds of intestinal illnesses among Americans dating back to 2012.
and this……………..
FDA: Mexicans Defecating in Farm Fields Getting Americans Sick
See the FDA ban here
Last year, the FDA increased sampling on cilantro from Puebla farms. Texas health officials are investigating a cyclosporiasis outbreak this year that may be linked to cilantro from Puebla as well. The Texas Department of State Health Services has received reports of 205 cyclosporiasis cases this year.
Trump: ‘Orders From Washington’ Shut Down My Border Tour
All illegals have to go home per Trump
Illegal Immigration starts at 11:25 mark
and this
[VIDEO] Donald Trump: Send Illegal Immigrants Home!… You Either Have Laws Or You Don’t Have Laws.
Judge Orders ‘Prompt’ Release of 1,700 Illegal Children and Their Moms from Detention Centers
Simply Unbelievable - COERCED …WTH!!!!
From the article……………………….
Laura Lichter, a Denver immigration attorney volunteering at Dilley, said that in her 20 years of practice she has never seen ICE add a monitoring device or impose other conditions after an immigration judge has set bond. She said the bracelet monitors were cumbersome, conspicuous, and required constant charging and were another tacit attempt at deterrence.
“There is a stigma,” Lichter said. “Everyone is going to think that they are criminals.”
My thoughts……….
Why is it that their actions are swept away in the conversation - illegal entry is ILLEGAL but their demands are meet with pandering heart tugging judicial support?
So what we are reading is - that these women knowingly and willing broke the law - then were given a warm bed, food and all the perks - while demanding that we simply overlook their illegal alien status and now demand to be free and an Ankle Bracklet is a P R O B L E M ????
Set them free in their HOMELAND - stop pandering to the whims of illegal aliens and their bias racist legal representation - save the American Taxpayer money no shelter - no perks - no monitors =
Lawyers: immigrant mothers coerced to wear ankle monitors
Obama to veto bill stripping ‘sanctuary cities’ of federal funds
By Nicole Duran • 7/23/15 9:59 AM
Obama Defies Federal Judge, Fails To Rescind Wrongly Issued Amnesties
So, let me get this straight. We’re all expected to obey the court’s ruling on gay marriage, but Obama gets to defy rulings that he doesn’t like?
Excerpted from The Washington Times: The Obama administration still hasn’t fully rescinded the 2,000 three-year amnesties it wrongly issued four months ago in violation of a court order, government lawyers recently admitted in court, spurring a stern response from the judge who said the matter must be cleaned up by the end of July — or else.
Last months incursion from south of our border - remember??? Only this time a helicopter was shot at and had to make an emergency landing. We now know that it was at the hands of Los Zeta’s crossing …. BACK IN TO Mexico after illegally entering the United States - Is there anyone in Washington that gives a damn ?
ALERT: We Just Learned Who Fired on U.S. Chopper at the Border… Trump Was RIGHT
OMG - PLEASE REVIEW THIS - someone M U S T be held responsible
Remember Kate??? Here is another murder - attempted assault and an attempted rape of a 14 year old
BY ANOTHER ILLEGAL ALIEN ….. In custody but RELEASED just weeks earlier - His bond now set at $10 million
ANOTHER INNOCENT AMERICAN WOMAN ….. Peggy Kostelnik, 60 = DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!
Who was an Assistant to the Willoughby mayor.
This is INSANE and must stop
I hold this ADMINISTRATION, the DOJ, DHS, ICE and Congress responsible for this woman’s murder and the attempted murder of another and attempted rape.
Who do you hold responsible?
Authorities: Agency didn’t want slaying suspect detained MARK GILLISPIE Associated Press Published: July 28, 2015, 8:16 pm
CLEVELAND (AP) – U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents told Ohio sheriff’s deputies weeks ago not to detain a man who is in the U.S. illegally and now suspected of killing a woman and wounding another during a crime spree, law enforcement officials said Tuesday.
Woman killed in Concord Twp. shootings was assistant to Willoughby mayor
The Judge Weighs In
Angry judge rails against immigration system as alien faces rape, murder charges: ‘We don’t even know who he is’
“This is a bail hearing and I need to know some facts about this case,” he said. “I have somebody who we don’t know who he is, why he is in this country, why he is here illegally and why he allegedly committed a murder.
“And you can’t answer any questions to identify yourself?”
“I can’t set a bond high enough,” Cicconetti said.
He made it $10 million.
Adrian Gonzalez: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
Published 2:23 pm EDT, July 29, 2015 Updated 6:56 pm EDT, July 29, 2015 91 C
Although it is hard to address Gonzales immigration status with such a heniouis crime and murder of this young child – the fact remains that the media does a GREAT DIS-SERVICE by not providing such details…it feeds the fury and leaves many yo assume. Also, would it be appropriate to ask if the suspect was 18 and not 15?
We cannot shy away from reporting – no matter how hard it is in some cases – some of us are reporting these murders and raising questions – questions the media should have disclosed.
PS – Thanks to Teri O’Brien for having the courage to do so.
15 year old Adrian Jerry Gonzales aka “A.J.” charged with murder of
8 year old
8 Illegal Alien Sex Criminals Arrested near Texas Border
UNBELIEVABLE - haul their a$$es to the White House and drop them off inside the fence - then lets watch and see if Obamnesty has them arrested (his family’s protection) or welcomes them in - SUCH LAWLESS DANGEROUS INSANITY - Ruthie
Suspect who drove dead Spokane man to Montana arrested
Illegal Immigrant In Deportation Proceedings Arrested For Sexually Assaulting 14 Yr-Old
Illegal immigrant deported 6 times arrested again