News for Aug 6th

2 immigrants in U.S. illegally are named to Huntington Park commissions
Per Sister Patriot Robin Hvidston
According to the Huntington Park website:
The City Council serves as the legislative body and consists of five members, who are elected at large by registered voters of the City of Huntington Park.
Mayor MaciasVice Mayor OrtizCouncilmember AmezquitaCouncilmember PinedaCouncilmember Sanabria
Mayor Macias, Council Members Ortiz, Amezquita, Pineda and Sanabria
As always, communicate in a professional and courteous manner.
Huntington Park must respect federal immigration laws and immediately remove Julia Zatarain from the Recreation Commission and Francisco Medina from the Health and Education Commission. U.S. citizens should be appointed to the 2 commission seats!
EMAIL the Huntington Park City Council:
[email protected]  [email protected]  [email protected]   [email protected]  [email protected]
(323) 582-6161 then press 0
Exclusive — Mothers of Children Killed by Illegals Condemn ‘Hate-Filled’ Luis Gutierrez
Garland Terrorist Bought Gun Under Obama’s Fast And Furious Program
The H-1B Visa Program Gives American Workers a Raw Deal
Immigrant advocates alarmed after raid of tortilla factory
Trump’s 5-Point Plan for Immigration Is Precisely Why You Want To VOTE FOR HIM
Where Trump stands on amnesty remains unanwsered and we will watch, listen and go from there but as this time - who else has put out a plan calling for the end of anchor babies, the end of Club med detention centers etc.
Here is a different way of looking at this that has to be put out there in volume…..
Question: for how many election cycles have we been shut down and told - let’s elect this guy or that woman and we will deal with illegal immigration and the border then……
MY ANSWER - NO MORE -  elect a man or woman who will address illegal immigration front and foremost and deal with other issues after he/she is elected. Illegal immigration encompasses many issues and it is that important
No longer will we vote to address illegal immigration later and accept the standard talking points of a secure border and enforcement of our laws - empty statements and promises that never happen - Only a candidate that stands strong against this invasion up front - that we believe is sincere not mere wording pandering for vote —- will receive my vote
Texas Sheriffs Decry Federal Policies: Criminal Aliens Have Free Rein
Human Smugglers Running Wild in Texas Border City
Federal Harassment Of Sheriff Arpaio Continues – Office Raided Again, Threatened With Criminal Contempt
Calif. Illegal Alien Arrested 4 Times in 2 Years Arrested For Murder
Illegal immigrant, 16, sets Texas patrol car on fire over ICE deportations: police
So now we have illegal aliens opening burning cars and shooting at police because they are upset with our laws - DEPORT DEPORT DEPORT
This is what happens when you refuse to enforce the law and pander to the lawless. Enough!!! Ruthie
Border Patrol arrests convicted burglar just six days after deportation
Criminal alien executes motorists who tried to help him
Another One of Obama’s Illegals Arrested for Torture, Murder of American and Setting Her Body on Fire
Man is charged with attempted rape for attack on woman on street
Mexican national accused of abusing toddler is freed despite request from immigration officials