News for Sept 17

Mexico sends its unwanted… its poor, uneducated and criminal citizens (those they do not want to care for and deal with) to the U.S. Mexico allows illegal movement …the unwanted and terrorists alike, across their Country as long keep moving along with the final destination - of the USA. We know that terrorists have crossed into the U.S. from Mexico and Mexico has done NOTHING to stop it.

NOW!!!! Mexico is strongly considering opening it’s door to Syrian Refugees.
IT IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE………. If Mexico refuses to care for their own and sends them to us why would they agree to care for Syrian Refugees? How long before Mexico’s BEAST is tranporting the same very refugees they take in …to the United States because that is how Mexico rolls?

I DO NOT want Mexico telling us what to do and we should not tell them where and how to stand on the refugee crisis currently in pay (much of which I credited for lack of leadership in the United States)

Mexico Opening Door to Syrian Refugees, Joins Other Nations South of US Border


GOP punts on ‘sanctuary cities’ bill


Two Out of Three Hispanics Oppose Immigration Increase

Just have to wonder if Wells Fargo is clumping illegals in with this HISPANIC Homeownership push…. why the divide….shouldn’t it be Americans and Legal Residents versus pushing a particular nationality or ethnic group
Another housing bubble in the making
Just saying

Wells Fargo mortgage goal: $125B to Hispanic buyers


Elusive crime wave data shows frightening toll of illegal immigrant criminals


San Benito woman arrested after troopers find meth labeled as Mexican candy


ICE deports suspected Juárez kidnapper


Undocumented immigrant faces deportation for hit-and-run death


Woman Arrested at Gynecologist Appointment Could Face Deportation


Records: Car chase ends after tire falls off smuggler’s SUV


Airplane Full of Illegal Immigrants Seized at Texas Border


Feds: Suspect in North Charleston machete death has ties to Mexican cartel, was deported 3 times