An Invasion by Illegal Aliens and Unvetted Refugees with Ron Branstner on The Ruthie Report

An Invasion by Illegal Aliens and Unvetted Refugees with Ron Branstner on The Ruthie Report

Please join Ruthie - Thursday Nov. 19th, 2015 at 9 pm EST, 8 pm CST, 6 pm PST
with Guests: RON BRANSTNER

Please join Ruthie with her Guest, Ron Branstner - From illegal immigration to the Refugee Resettlement Ron has been active in speaking out and combating both issues. From the funding to the ‘out and out’ lawlessness and pandering … Ron is speaking out and educating the citizenry. So much so that he has caught the radar of many - some using coercion to ban him from speaking as in the case of a recent incident at the VFW in St. Cloud and some resorting to name calling etc. He continues to speak out and educate at many events, programs and meetings. Ron has much to Share.

We will discuss St. Cloud and the Somali population in Minnesota - They will discuss the asinine comments of the Minn Governor Mark Dayton - who said WJON reports the Governor’s statements, “This is a time for everybody who is a Minnesotan, a real Minnesotan to take a stand and say, ‘not in our state.’ If you are that intolerant, that much of a racist and a bigot, then find another state, they really should go somewhere else.” said Dayton.
Ron and Ruthie will also discuss the 30 plus States that now say they will not accept the Syrian Refugees and much more!!!
From Refugee Resettlement Watch

Meeting cancelled at the last minute

Word coming out of St. Cloud is that Branstner was scheduled to speak at a St. Cloud VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) just days ago when the meeting was abruptly cancelled due to fear that an “action” was being threatened against the VFW and meeting participants where the talk was scheduled.  According to Gregory Jarrett, in an e-mail report to hundreds of like-minded citizens, we are told what happened when the meeting was cancelled:
Ms Conrad was apparently “forceful” enough to get the St Cloud PD to go to the VFW and “make a negotiated deal” to cancel an event [Branstner was the scheduled speaker—ed]. Attendees traveled from all around Minnesota and had zero knowledge of the last minute cancellation of the EVENT in the basement room until virtually “at the front door” . Those attendees and local residents made the decision to support the Granite VFW and have a meal upstairs, with no scheduled presentation and no audio visual aids.
Working closely with Ms. Conrad on the “action” is SC State University faculty member Mark Jaede
Ms Conrad however in a further attempt to agitate and polarize the community directed an associate attend and to “report” back to her. The attendees (which include a Minnesota State Senator, hardly a radical racist) discussed the reason for the cancellation which then turned into folks standing up and voicing their own personal opinions. There was also a uniformed St Cloud Police Dept officer at the Dinner. The staff of the VFW club made it clear that there would be no “presentation”.  The “cancelled” event turned into a social event where concerned and like minded folks got the opportunity to meet, discuss and exchange views.
Now, in a REAL attempt to “show them a thing or 2” Ms Conrad and Mr Jaede show zero concern for St Cloud, Veterans, Citizens, The Police Department and City Staff by going at it again.

Speaker in Little Falls: Illegal immigrant, refugee resettlement done as a form of slavery.
Ron Branstner standing in front of list of the nine major federal refugee resettlement contractors in Little Falls, MN. Photo at the Morrison County Record.
Ron Branstner, with the former Minutemen Civil Defense volunteer border watch group, was in Little Falls July 23. He was invited to the area to speak about how corporations and volunteer agencies bring illegal immigrants and refugees to Minnesota as a form of “slavery,” to do jobs Americans wouldn’t do, for low wages.
Brantsner, formerly of Minnesota, now has a residence in California.
Invited by “a gentleman out of Little Falls,” Branstner said, “I don’t contact anybody. People reach out to me. I don’t go solicit this, I don’t get paid for this, I don’t belong to any organizations.
“When I get invited, I’m a normal everyday citizen just livin’ the dream,” he said.
Branstner told the group that with funding from the federal government, the volunteer agencies or “Volags” as he called them, had targeted Minnesota because of the generous welfare benefits in the state. The targeted areas were those where poultry processing plants, and meat packing plants were located, he said.
Branstner said once illegal immigrants and refugees move into a community, its Social Services, health care and educational resources are overwhelmed, with counties and taxpayers footing the tax burden.
He went on to discuss the role of large foundation grants.  The foundations are connected with BIG MEAT working to colonize communities for their own selfish cheap labor needs.