News for Nov 19th

University of Minnesota says no to 9/11 memorial – see what their reasoning was

A resolution to honor the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks each year at the University of Minnesota was rejected by the student government there, with some students expressing concern that such a measure could foster “Islamaphobia.”


30 Governors Call For Halt To U.S. Resettlement Of Syrian Refugees


Arizona Takes Border Security Into Own Hands


Senate could vote on Cruz immigration bill next week

ENOUGH ALREADY- Enforce our current immigration laws and secure the border!!!!!!!!

ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS CAUGHT Squatting In Deployed Soldiers Home: Feces, Urine Stains And
I am estatic that 30 plus Governors are saying NO to the Syrians Refugees slated to enter the United States via an Obama decree …… BUT the safety and security of our Country …….not to mention the ‘Rule of Law’……….. must also include stopping illegal entry.

As you can see at the link below five Syrians were headed to the U.S. with stolen passports planning to come in thru and over our UNSECURED Southern Border from Mexico. How many have already entered that You and I and of Government has no clue about.

I am happy to see States standing up to the refugee invasion - NO to the Refugee Influx…but NOW IS THE TIME for them to also address illegal immigration and aliens within our borders. It is long overdue that our current laws be enforced - our borders be secured.

Several States are addressing illegal immigration while this refugee situation continues to play out - and the majority of citizens in the U.S. welcome these actions and support a no amnesty/secure our borders/enforce our laws action ….
they can address refugees - they can address illegal aliens as well.

(From the article)
They had traveled by air from Syria to Lebanon, then to Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica and on to Honduras. From there they were to make their way to Honduras’ second city of San Pedro Sula with the aim of going overland through Guatemala, then Mexico and on to the United States.

This year, 12,600 foreigners were detected illegally entering Honduras, almost all of them with the aim of getting to the United States,

Honduras arrests five Syrians headed to US with stolen passports


Would you volunteer to be part of “Trump’s deportation force?”
Total votes: 4471

You chose: Yes
Yes (4021 votes) 90%


No (451 votes) 10%



Smugglers Float Car Across River
Second incident in less than four weeks


Illegal immigrants smuggled across military range


Violence Erupts near Texas Border After Gulf Cartel Kills 4-Month-Old Baby


Report: Illegal Immigrants Attack, Bite Alabama Cop


Cuba blames US for instigating surge of migrants seeking asylum


Trucker caught hauling 5,079 pounds of pot


Feds search for smuggler who hit agent with rock