Brownsville Rancher Rusty Monsees on The Ruthie Report

Brownsville Rancher Rusty Monsees on The Ruthie Report
Please join Ruthie Thursday, January 21th, 2016 at 10 pm EST, 9 pm CST, 8 pm MST or 7 pm PST
with GUEST: RUSTY MONSEES of Brownsville Texas
Rusty and Ruthie have much to discuss
From what Rusty says is the amount of drugs that are coming through …. being phenomenal to …..illegals climbing over the fence in his front yard to ….Rusty’s frustration that nothing is being done to secure the border (we agree) - Rusty will share with us his thoughts and what he and those around him see and witness everyday within this invasion.
Rusty and Ruthie may or may not agree fully on every issue they will be discussing but both agree….
Time has come for this insanity to stop……
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Brownsville, Texas Residents Are Fed Up
Rusty Monsees - An Interview in No Man’s Land
Brownsville Resident Frustrated over Increased Border Activity
Rusty Monsees is 68 years old and lives on 21 acres in the deep south sub tropical climes of Brownsville, TX . His property was purchased by his parents in 1940 and it borders the boundary with Mexico at The Rio Grande just across from Matamoros Mexico. Rusty… a proud Texan is a stand up, down to earth kind of guy. He has been in law enforcement and has been a business owner..

Rusty complains that the so-called border fence runs north to south instead of east to west (go figure that one lol) and that it also cuts his property in two pieces.. Rusty is experiencing trespassers and trafficking on a regular basis and his property is littered with trash. He also says he can hear gun battles raging across the river.
Rusty wants to know where is the extra security that Governor Abbott promised and is also concerned about the way our honorable Border Patrol (who Rusty affectionaltely calls his ‘Angels in Green”) is being placed in harms way with their hands tied behind their backs by ridiculous regulations.

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