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So we cannot afford to care for these “Migrant Chidlren” - (illegal alien youth) we have no room to put them and abuses are taking place because of the overwhelming volume and the failure of the Government…..
HOW ABOUT…….. we stop them from entering in the first place and DEMAND that their Governments and Countries address they needs. This is not a cold heartless comment ……      it is a truthful one.
Why are we responsible for the welfare of anyone who chooses to come here and why are they just allowed to do so. Are we suppose to understand that anyone….. child or not who “WANTS A BETTER LIFE” can enter at will? Where does it end?

Portman is right - this has to be addressed…………..
- Ruthie

AP INVESTIGATION: Feds’ failures imperil migrant children

LOS ANGELES (AP) — As tens of thousands of children fleeing violence in Central America crossed the border in search of safe harbor, overwhelmed U.S. officials weakened child protection policies, placing some young migrants in homes where they were sexually assaulted, starved or forced to work for little or no pay, an Associated Press investigation has found.


Texas Faces Lawsuit Over Provision of Border Security Law


GOP explodes in anger as feds create Iran carve-out for visas

Lawsuits Claim Disney Colluded to Replace U.S. Workers With Immigrants


Trump hires aide to Senator Jeff Sessions, indicates seriousness about protecting American sovereignty


Illegal immigrants, especially transgenders, ‘humiliated’ by strip-searches


U.S. renews travel warning to Mexico as killings of Americans climb


Zika virus confirmed in Arkansas, Virginia
and this…………….

Zika virus to spread to all but 2 countries in the Americas, WHO predicts

This woman and her cohorts ***you know the bottom of the pond scum feeders ***forcing more lawlessness on what is referred to as “Their Own”. She will now receive three meals a day and a warm bed - compliments of the US taxpayer… for life!

Really???  has word not gotten out in Mexico, Central America and aboard that this is happening?

NOT securing the border is AIDING in this sex trafficking and creating many more victims
Just what is the price of that cheap labor, votes and head counts?

Ringleader in Texas’ biggest sex-trafficking ring sentenced to life in prison


Border patrol agents arrest suspect in 2008 Plano murder


4 Charged With Prostitution At Harrison Township Massage Parlor


Multiple Pedophile Sexual Predators Caught Sneaking into Texas from Mexico


ICE Investigated for Failing to Deport Illegal Before He Killed Woman

NOT widely reported is that one of these three criminals on the run
had an immigration hold

One of escaped California inmates was ordered deported to Vietnam in 1998
Photos: Inmates escape California prison

(Tribune wire reports)
Tribune wire reportsContact Reporter

One of three fugitive inmates who escaped from a California jail last week was ordered deported to Vietnam in 1998 but has been in this country racking up a lengthy rap sheet, immigration officials saidTuesday.

Bac Duong, 43, came to the United States legally in 1991 but was ordered removed seven years later, Immigration and Customs Enforcement said in a statement.

The order came shortly after he served time in state prison on a 1997 burglary conviction, state records show.

The case is one of thousands involving immigrants convicted of crimes who federal authorities want to deport but haven’t been able to because their native countries wouldn’t take them back.

3 inmates cut into plumbing tunnels to escape from OC jail


BP: Agent hit with rock during drug-smuggling bust

Two articles on this
Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter told the Reporter-Telegram that the alleged cockfighting ring was being operated by the homeowner, Lionel Garcia, 35, of Midland, whose wife owns the house.

Take a look at this: Cockfighting continues in underground rings in Texas and the U.S.

Painter called Garcia “a heavy cocaine distributor,” according to the Reporter-Telegram, and said he and his wife charged spectators $20-$100 to watch cockfights and participants as much as $1,000 to enter four roosters into the fights. They also sold beer to spectators and were “known to have cocaine and large amounts of money at the cockfights,” according to court records.

Midland Reporter Telegram
MCSO: Cockfighting event hosted by ‘heavy cocaine distributor’


Uncle Caught in Hong Kong After Allegedly Killing Teen Brothers in Arcadia; Victims ID’d


JFK allowed passengers arriving on international flight to exit without going through Customs


Truck driver going to jail for smuggling 20 immigrants