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Antonin Scalia Dies, And Obama Could Transform The Supreme Court

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Anti-Sanctuary Bill Blocked in FL Senate

FLIMEN Note:  Please make the calls per the Alert below.
There are 11 Sanctuary counties or cities in Florida.  It seems a no-brainer that Florida counties or cities should co-operate with federal authorities to deport illegal aliens but Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla and possbibly Senate President Andy Gardiner are blocking S872, a bill to require Florida counties to comply with the federal deportation process.
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Ask Florida State Senators to Pass Anti-Sanctuary City Legislation

The Florida State House of Representatives recently passed HB 675 — a bill to penalize cities for adopting illegal-alien sanctuary policies — but the Chairman of the Senate committee handling the measure has publicly announced he will not bring it up for a vote. “I don’t think the sanctuary bills will find safe haven in my committee,” said Sen. Miguel Diaz de la Portilla. He uses the plural “bills” because HB 675 has a Senate counterpart - SB 872, filed by Sen. Aaron Bean and co-introduced by Senate President-designate Joe Negron.
Pro-illegal alien groups may have secured Diaz de la Portilla’s cooperation but that does not mean the fight if over. Please help by contacting Senate President Andy Gardiner and your State Senator and asking them to find another way to pass HB 675. Also contact Diaz de la Portilla to slam his intransigence and demand a vote on HB 675 or SB 872. Talking points are included below.

Contacting Senate President Gardiner
Please call Senate President Andy Gardiner’s office — 850-487-5229 — with the message below. If he is your State Senator, it is critical to mention it. Also please email him by using the online form on this page.
Thank you in advance for your assistance!


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