Monsees from the Border on talk of terrorists entering on The Ruthie Report

Rusty Monsees from the border on talk of terrorist entering this week on The Ruthie Report

Please join Ruthie Thursday, March 24th, 2016 at 10 pm EST, 9 pm CST, 8 pm MST or 7 pm PST

With GUEST: Rusty Monsees

Rusty and Ruthie will discuss what he is seeing and being told regarding terrorists entering thru our unsecured border

With the recent attacks in Belgium and tightened security in the United States due to the attacks - why is this

CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER - unsecured borders and ports -  NOT being addressed?

A Absolute National Security risk!!!!

I have also asked Rusty Monsees to check in to the reports of the Cartels burning American company trucks like that of Coco-cola if their extortion demands were not meant. Rusty will fill us in on what he finds out - true or false?

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An unnamed Border Patrol agent, who was not authorized to speak with the media, had this to say during an interview with The Blaze:

“We have limited resources. It’s frustrating for all of us and there’s no doubt we have OTMs coming from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, and other parts of the world that we are very concerned with – these guys won’t be turning themselves into Border Patrol like the family units or children. I expect we’ll see more OTMs of special interest this year and next, now that they know they can get in easier and they won’t be turned back home. We’ve found Korans, prayer rugs and many other unusual items at the border that certainly raise concern.”


Sen. Ron Johnson: ‘Concerned’ Terrorists Could Cross Canada Border


This and it was in 2014

ISIS terrorists caught entering U.S. through southern border in last 36 hours


The Drug Cartel In Mexico Tells Coca-Cola That If They Want To Remain In Mexico They Must Pay Them One Million Dollars. Coca Cola Refuses To Pay The Money, The Cartel Burns Down Coca Cola Trucks And Drives Coca Cola Out



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Rusty Monsees is 68 years old and lives on 21 acres in the deep south sub tropical climes of Brownsville, TX . His property was purchased by his parents in 1940 and it borders the boundary with Mexico at The Rio Grande just across from Matamoros Mexico. Rusty… a proud Texan is a stand up, down to earth kind of guy. He has been in law enforcement and has been a business owner..

Rusty complains that the so-called border fence runs north to south instead of east to west (go figure that one lol) and that it also cuts his property in two pieces.. Rusty is experiencing trespassers and trafficking on a regular basis and his property is littered with trash. He also says he can hear gun battles raging across the river.

Rusty wants to know where is the extra security that Governor Abbott promised and is also concerned about the way our honorable Border Patrol (who Rusty affectionately calls his ‘Angels in Green”) is being placed in harms way with their hands tied behind their backs by ridiculous regulations.