News for March 24th

Brandy Murphy Howell has put out a call to action
Posting this request to one and all - please consider answering her call for assistance
I and many more have and will continue to do so.

Brandy states: Ok, I’m calling out for everyone’s help. I need this cowards face and name shared in EVERY state. Every state, every city big or small and when you share please come back to this post and comment where you are from. I am keeping a pin board of all locations where this reaches. I wont stop until we have JUSTICE for Sarah Root and a pin in EVERY state. There is no rock I won’t unturn until he is found. He is guilty of murder and guilty of being a coward. We must share in every town, every community, every hole! I am pleading for your help. His last know name was Eswin Mejia but goes by many names, maybe Edwin, or Eduin. Last known location Omaha Nebraska. Please, if you see him or know where he can be found contact me or the local police. There is a reward for the capture of this coward. Now go! It’s your turn to share his face and name

Sarah Root -

U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) chose not to honor a request for an immigration detainer after Omaha police arrested illegal alien Eswin Mejia after he struck and killed 21-year-old Sarah Root while driving drunk and street-racing the night of January 31. Mejia vanished shortly after posting bond.

According to Omaha’s World-Herald, Omaha Police accident investigator Dawn Turnbull repeatedly requested ICE detain Mejia after his arrest, to no avail. Despite facing up to 20 years in prison, the illegal alien was not determined a flight risk and ICE, following the Obama administration’s “priority enforcement program” (PEP), refused to detain him.

Our thoughts and prayers with those suffering and lost in Belgium
U. S. ramping up security AND YET OUR BORDERS AND PORTS REMAIN UNSECURE and OBAMA is going to a baseballl game in Cuba

In the U.S., officials in New York, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles said they were ramping up security in response to the deadly bombings that killed at least 31 people and wounded more than 100 more.

God Help Us


ISIS Crossing Southern Border From Mexico? More Smugglers Sending Money Transfers To Middle East, Arizona Official Claims

Illegal Aliens from China & Middle East Surging Across Border


Illegal Aliens Caught on Border
The Numbers Prove Border Insecurity


Video: Hidalgo residents say they’re tired of migrants running through the streets
By Imelda Mejia Wednesday, March 23rd 2016


Border agents: DHS has ‘no intention’ of deporting illegals

Joe Wilson was right in 2009 and illegal aliens are being covered under Obamacare with many exchanges etc. unable to provided screening and vertification of enrolees.
Now, Hilary and her ‘Darling Progressive’ daughter Chelsea are following suit - pandering away….. to add illegal aliens to the Obamacare ponzy scheme (news flash Chelsea - they are already illegally enrolled).
Hillary Clinton wants American taxpayers to pay for the healthcare of all illegal immigrants who get into the United States, Chelsea Clinton told a health-care salesman.

Joe Wilson was right !!!

NOTE: There is an earnest action and ongoing attempt to be heard by the Families who have lost loved ones due to the non enforcement of our immigration laws and our unsecured border…. this invasion.

Last week I share with you four such Families:

-Dan Golach - Father of Spencer Golvach -
Spencer was stopped at a traffic light when an illegal alien pulled up next to him and shot him in the head—explains that the reason he now backs Donald Trump for President is because of holidays spent at the cemetery, and the image of his “child’s deflated head in a casket” burned into his mind.

-Laura Wilkerson - Mother of Joshua Wilkerson
Joshua Wilkerson was tied, beaten and and tortured until he died, thrown in a field and set on fire. Joshua was killed by 19-year-old Hermilo Moralez, an illegal alien from Belize who was brought to the United States as a child

-Mauren Maloney - Mother of Matthew Maloney
Matthew was hit by a repeat-offending illegal alien drunk driver, he died as he was subsequently dragged a quarter of a mile—caught in the wheel well “Witnesses who saw [Matthew] pinned screaming under the truck ran out and pounded on the vehicle, crying out to the driver who kept going…'[Matthew] was alive for a good portion of it,’” “He wanted to be a police officer,” Maloney said “He was just a law-abiding person,

-Sandra and Alicia Harter - Mother and Sister of Austin and Clint Harter
wAustin and Clint were gunned down by previously deported illegal alien who illegally re-entered and murdered five people. An illegal alien that was mistakenly released after a retainer was sent to the wrong Sheriff’s Office. to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, where the suspect was not in custody. ICE states that it “regrets the error” that allowed him to walk free ahead of the deadly rampage.

Tonight I highlight two more Families and their anger and sorrow…………..

Outrageous He ‘Executed Him’: Grieving Father Calls for Higher Border Security
Steve Ronnebeck’s son Grant was only 21 when he was killed in January 2015.


Mom of Dead Officer: Politicians Won’t Even Say ‘Illegal Immigrant’ Anymore
As seen on Fox and Friends

Mary Ann Mendoza - Mother of Sgt Brandon Mendoza

Illegals held in vicious Framingham rape


Illegal immigrant who accidentally ran over and killed his four-year-old son sentenced to six months in jail


Immigration Status Not Disclosed but Police Manhunt underway


CBP seizes ammo load headed for Mexico


New Mexico Border Patrol agents seize millions worth of drugs


Cartel godfather to be freed from U.S. prison