News for July 7th

Sen. Graham promises a ‘Gang of Eight’ sequel to work on new immigration reform bill

Dems drop requirement to learn English for amnesty
2016 draft platform takes dramatic shift to the left regarding immigration

Do Not Get Excited - See the update following this link

‘Kate’s Law’ to Be Considered on Senate Floor
Sen. Cruz first introduced legislation in July 2015


Senate rejects ‘sanctuary cities’ defunding bill


Judge upholds voter citizenship checks

The Poster Child for C Block B ….skates…..Is anyone surprised …… if an average everyday American Citizen had done a fraction of what this criminal woman has done - that American would be rotting in jail already - VOTE TRUMP
Look what this “FIX” will do to our youth and future generations…. have money and the backing of the liberal left and you can get out of anything…. and then they wonder why many do not trust nor support departments and officials like the FBI, DOJ, DHS etc. - why because of the lawlessness clearly laid out for us

It is clear Folks that only WE THE PEOPLE can end Hilary’s corrupt bid for the White House…. Remember that when voting in November


Government Admits It Has No Idea How Much Money Illegal Aliens Send Abroad
8:30 PM 06/28/2016


The State Department is thwarting efforts to deport immigrants to China, Guinea, Liberia and other countries that are reluctant to take back their own citizens convicted of crimes — forcing immigration agents to release often-violent criminals back onto the streets, U.S. government documents show.


Spanish Language Facebook Page Alerts Illegal Aliens to Police Checkpoints


Another month has past and 49 more charges of child rape were logged against 19 illegal aliens in NC. This report covers the month of June 2016. (here)

Added to our previous month (May) Child Rape Report (here), a total of 39 illegal aliens have “racked up” 125 separate charges of child rape against our kids in just 2 months.

Keep in mind, this is just 2 months of documentation and it is NOT all of the charges of child rape by illegal aliens in NC. It is simply the ones NCFIRE was able to document. It is physically impossible for our small staff to check every Sheriff Dept, local and municipal police dept arrests reports for the entire state.

If you are sick and tired of this, as well as the preferential treatment illegal aliens are given in NC, you MUST let your NC House Representative and NC Senator know, that you will not vote for them in November unless they take a stand to enact strict illegal immigration laws at the state level.

Unless we all get involved, nothing is going to change.
Thanks for your support!
James Johnson
North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement
Twitter: @NCFIREJames
E-mail: [email protected]
NCFIRE Hotline: 1- (910) 430-1434 (leave a message, you can remain anonymous)
Cell #  910-286-3022


Mob of Somalian Refugee Men Terrorize Minnesota Neighborhood

And this from Debbie Anderson - ACT! for America - Minneapolis Chapter Coordinator

Dear All,

I don’t have time to write a bunch.

But, please, be aware of this situation.!

The Minneapolis Police Department has released an incomplete report of this horrific situation. The report lists only the victim and the two witnesses, including their names, addresses, age-ranges, and phone numbers, victimizing them a second time - and endangering them.  Not one single perpetrator is listed in the report.  They are presumed at large and a danger to the public.

*** Please, call the Minneapolis Police Department, express your concerns, nicely but firmly, and demand all details of this incident be released to the public so that we might protect and defend our families from such terroristic threats and danger.

“Civil rights” should not trump the safety and well-being of our loved ones, but they are, under the President’s Countering Violent Extremism policies, policies that are deeply affecting MN law enforcement - as clearly demonstrated in the Lake Calhoun incident.

Also … know that Grand Rapids residents have received a free “moderate” version of the Quran, a version that replaces jihad (war against non-muslims) with an innocuous ‘struggle,’ in their mail box very recently.  Retired Department of Homeland Security officer, Phil Haney, has linked the “Send a Quran Free” foundation to terrorist groups that seek to destroy Western Civilization from within.  His research is attached.

Please, continue to raise awareness and to educate those in your realm of influence.  Speak to your legislators, your sheriff, your pastor, community leaders, etc.  Attend your city council meetings, your county commissioner meetings, your school board meetings, etc.  Start an ACT! for America chapter.

An ‘army’ of educated, energized patriots is needed to be created in each community.

Consider attending the ACT! for America National Conference.  Please, join me won’t you?  I would be so happy if you did.  If you cannot attend, please support their vital work financially or support a young adult to attend.

You are needed in this ‘battle’ to protect and defend our cherished way of life.


Trial for Border Patrol agent who shot and killed Mexican teenager moved to November

Refresher on this …………………
Rock Throwing Little Thug - family says he was walking home from a game and just in the wrong place….Gee I didn’t realize you have to go to the border …to get home and that he could not have avoided what was transpiring

Rock Throwing Little Thug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Berry farm triple murder suspect deported 6 times


Denton County officer critically injured after crash with suspected drunken driver


WARNING: Mexican Cartel at Texas Border Has Russian RPGs


Former Va. National Guardsman arrested; accused of plotting U.S. terror attack


State trooper arrests two Houston men on migrant smuggling charges