News for Sept 1st

New update on Rusty Fleming from his wife Tammy…….
Rusty’s breathing has improved enough that the are adjusting the vents to allow him to breath on his own a bit more. He is off the paralytic & they will gradually take him off the sedatives! He should be waking up in the next few days! He’s off the blood thinners. All his vitals are stable!
We serve such an amazing & faithful God!


Donald Trump’s campaign released the full text of his prepared remarks in Phoenix on the issue of illegal immigration.

Number One: We will build a wall along the Southern Border

Number Two: End Catch-And-Release

Number Three: Zero tolerance for criminal aliens

Number Four: Block Funding For Sanctuary Cities

Number Five: Cancel Unconstitutional Executive Orders & Enforce All Immigration Laws

Number Six: We Are Going To Suspend The Issuance Of Visas To Any Place Where Adequate Screening Cannot Occur

Number Seven: We will ensure that other countries take their people back when we order them deported

Number Eight: We will finally complete the biometric entry-exit visa tracking system.

Number Nine: We will turn off the jobs and benefits magnet

Number 10: We will reform legal immigration to serve the best interests of America and its workers

Let’s talk about the big picture

These ten steps, if rigorously followed and enforced, will accomplish more in a matter of months than our politicians have accomplished on this issue in the last fifty years.


Obama IRS Protects, Hides Illegal Aliens Using Our Stolen Social Security Numbers


Justice Dept.: Firing migrant workers with expired papers is discrimination


Angry Texas Judge Confronts U.S. on Immigration Plan ‘Lies’


Austin poised to become first ‘Sanctuary City’ in Texas


Mexican father walks his kids across the border to school every day


Honduran woman and her child sue Obama administration over ‘inhumane’ detention

Obama administration proposes visa rule for immigrant entrepreneurs

From Numbers USA

House likely to consider criminal justice reform legislation in September — Tell your Rep. not to release criminal aliens

Dear activist,

This summer, House Speaker Paul Ryan announced that the House will likely take action in September on criminal justice reform legislation, addressing, among other things, overcrowding in federal prisons. The Sentencing Reform Act (H.R. 3713) passed through the House Judiciary Committee last year and would reduce minimum sentencing guidelines for certain federal criminals. The proposal would allow for the release of thousands of criminal aliens from prison and onto the streets.

NumbersUSA takes no position on criminal justice reform in general, but the House proposal would release thousands for criminal aliens with little chance that they’ll be deported.

For this reason, H.R. 3713 is opposed by a number of law enforcement groups, including the National Association of Assistant U.S. Attorneys (NAAUSA).

“It is also important to note that a large portion of the federal prison population for both drug offenses and immigration offenses consist of undocumented aliens. Accordingly, the failure to address border security and immigration is arguably a much more aggravating factor in driving the federal prison population than drug prosecutions generally. Rather than simply going soft on dangerous felons as a way to reduce the prison population, it would seem that fixing immigration and border security would be a safer and more effective means of reducing the prison population.”

— Steven Wassermann, NAAUSA Officer


Bus Driver In Fatal I-10 Crash Did Not Have License; Was In Country Illegally


Murder Charge Added Against DUI Suspect with ICE Immigration Hold


Illegal Alien Charged for Assault, Attempted Rape of Disabled Woman


Feds: ‘Clerical error’ let illegal immigrant carjack two women


Mexican national charged with firing 7 shots in moving vehicle in Raleigh


FBI Agent Affidavit Reveals MS-13 Gang Member Was Instructed To Say He Was A Refugee