Don Rosenberg NEPA Lawsuit and Son killed by illegal alien on The Ruthie Report


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with Guest: Don Rosenberg - Bio Below.

Father of Drew Rosenberg killed by an illegal alien (unnerving details see below) and Co Filer along with Immigration Reform Law Institute in two suits against the Federal Government, involving the environmental impacts and gross violation of environmental law of their mass immigration policies under the NEPA Guidelines

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Man whose son was killed by illegal immigrant files two suits against feds

With the help of the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI), I’m pursuing a complaint against DHS for refusing to consider the environmental impacts of its mass immigration policies, a gross violation of environmental law we argue. Under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), all federal agencies must take a “hard look” at every “major action” they commit to and produce for the public an environmental assessment which a) explores all potential impacts of the action, and b) considers all possible alternatives. Since the law was enacted in 1970, California’s population has doubled from 20 to 40 million and DHS (including its predecessor, Immigration and Naturalization Services), has never published a single report exploring the possible impacts associated with its immigration policies. As we argue in our brief, if the public knew the effects of runaway population growth maybe they would have rallied that much harder for tougher enforcement and lower immigration-levels. Having ignored their obligations under the statute for so long, this could be one the biggest environmental law violations ever committed in the nation’s history.


Drew was on his motorcycle coming home from school traveling south on Harrison Street.  Roberto Galo was travelling north on Harrison and had stopped at 16th street to make a left turn although he did not have his blinker on.

Trying to beat the oncoming traffic he quickly made a left hand turn colliding with Drew.  Drew and his bike went flying over the front of Galo’s car. Instead of stopping Galo accelerated and his right front tire drove over Drew’s abdomen. Drew’s helmet flew off. Some eyewitnesses said his helmet wedged under the cars tire stopping its forward progress others said it was the bike. Galo backed up driving over Drew a second time.

He then drove forward, attempting to flee, only stopping because the driver of the car on 16th street had gotten out of his car and bravely stood in front of Galo’s car with his hands up. Galo stopped with his right front tire on Drew’s abdomen. Five men had to lift the car off his body.

Sanctuary-city policy enables dangerous drivers


Don Rosenberg’s Bio:

Up until November 16, 2010 I had spent my entire life as an executive in the entertainment industry. I worked for the home entertainment divisions of HBO, CBS/Fox and Epic Productions. I ran the industry trade association and published entertainment trade magazines and produced entertainment trade shows. On November 16, 2010 all of that changed when my son Drew was killed by an illegal alien in San Francisco.

I spent much of the first year after his death “hounding” the San Francisco District Attorney’s office as they really didn’t care about seriously prosecuting this case. I then had to fight USCIS as they refused to deport Roberto Galo. “He’s only committed one crime of moral turpitude”, I was told.

I started out my public advocacy just trying to get unlicensed drivers off the road. It became apparent that the illegal alien lobby has convinced both local state – especially in California – that illegal aliens are so important (votes and cheap labor) that almost whatever they do criminally, even killing people, is just collateral damage in the battle for amnesty.

I’ve now spent almost five years researching this issue almost every day. I have testified in Sacramento numerous times, in front of the Los Angeles Police Commission, as an expert witness on hit and runs in front of the Los Angeles City Council Public Safety Commission appeared on many TV and radio programs and written testimony for the House and Senate Judiciary Committees in an attempt to get the truth about illegal immigration to the public.

I wish I knew nothing about this issue but unfortunately have become somewhat of an expert.