News for Nov 17th

Folks here is a portion of Trump’s 60 Minutes interview -

I want to STRESS TO YOU……………………

Trump is NOT going back on his promises of ‘The Wall’.
President Elect Trump did say prior to this interview while still campaigning for President - that there are areas that may need fencing - but we are building ‘The Wall’, and he said it again here…..

Here’s the Deal……
For those of you who may be somewhat new to this battle (but of course not to the bias media tricks and games)….. Ask anyone who lives in remote areas on our southern border - or those who have stood up proudly to defend it against drug and illegal entry ….. there are SELECTIVE areas where a secure fence would be better suited and I am not talking high traffic areas… I am talking remote areas where those attempting to enter have died in their quest due to the terrain.

To Sum it up - The Media approach is an insult to Our Intelligence…. President Trump would not build the wall only to not sufficently secure these selective few areas….. the games have begin. - Ruthie


An immigration hard-liner is joining Donald Trump’s transition team


Illegals demand Obama issue mass pardons amid Trump deportation fears


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan was unanimously nominated on Tuesday by his fellow Republicans for re-election as speaker in the new Congress next year, the House Republican Conference said on Twitter.


Ryan: ‘We are not planning on erecting a deportation force’


NOTE FOLKS besides this listed below ….Chicago, Minneapolis and Los Angeles…. San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, New York, apparently Santa Fe, Houston, Miami, Boston, Milwaukee and Philadelphia can also be added to this Lawless List.

Chicago reaffirms immigrant ‘sanctuary’ status after Trump’s win


Mpls. Mayor Responds to Trump’s Threat to Cut Funding to ‘Sanctuary Cities’

LAPD will not help deport immigrants under Trump, chief says


Detaining Haitians awaiting deportation to hurricane-ravaged homeland is not inexpensive


Feds: San Diego woman harbored 44 unauthorized immigrants, locking some in shed


Illegal Alien Construction Worker Crashes Into Car & Rapes Victim In Ditch

Manhunt continues in Stamford homicide case


Their dad is getting deported. Now they live in fear.