Michelle Dallacroce on Our Work Ahead with a Trump Administration on The Ruthie Report

Please join Ruthie Thursday, Nov. 17th, 2016 at 10 pm EST, 9 pm CST, 8 pm MST or 7 pm PST

with Guest: Michelle Dallacroce

Michelle is still in this battle with future plans in the fire BUT TONIGHT…….

Michelle and I will discuss what we both see as the DIRE NEED for Patriots…

We The People to stay engaged now that we finally have a voice in the White House -

President Elect Donald Trump.

Michelle and I have been in this battle for some time now…not as long as but longer than others and we both agree that……We must not now go silent - we must not now rely on One Man to change years of lawlessness - years of broken promises and empty lies - years of an agenda we have fought tooth and nail to reverse…. We must instead continue to be Loud and Proud and support the One Man who had the courage to say what we have been demanding….. the One Man who not only heard our voices but is representing them.

Tonight Michelle and I will discuss our RALLY CRY to One and All, we will discuss the election and the road forward under a Trump Administration and what we feel it will mean to the battle we face - illegal immigration and more.

LONG AGO …I was offered a spot in this battle… by an awesome man named Paul W….. and started Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform and subsequently then added The Ruthie Report…. Thru Paul, I had the privilege of working only briefly with a woman named MARLENE -She quickly instilled in me a common phrase that she used OFTEN, which was……

Educate Activate and Motivate - and I thank her to this day.

Yes….The Time Has Come and continues now more than ever…. to Educate Activate and Motivate our fellow Americans while ensuring President Trump knows we have his back. Because we all know that the job that lays before President Trump will not only be contentious and exhausting (he has so much to do) but that there will be those working against his agenda - his message to the United States of America.

Michelle’s Bio

Michelle hails from Chicago, Illinois, and is the daughter and granddaughter of legal immigrants from Germany, Poland and Italy, who became US citizens.   Michelle is a United States Air Force Veteran, mother and wife who has dedicated and devoted her life to PROTECT AMERICAN FAMILIES against illegal immigration.

In 2005, Michelle founded, “Mothers Against Illegal Aliens” – (MAIA), and has been both Nationally and Internationally speaking to the dangers of an insecure border, anchor baby issues and unenforced laws and crime associated with illegal aliens in the USA. Michelle has been a frequent guest on many local news outlets, and National news networks including Fox News, CNN, and other syndicated and internet television and radio talk shows.

Michelle also received the title of Honorary Special Deputy for Sheriff Joe Arpaio of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO), and previously volunteered with the Community Services Posse for MCSO.

Michelle is also a Minutemen who has physically been at the southern border “numerous time” over the last decade and has first hand experience and knowledge of the real dangers and challenges border patrol and the citizens and ranchers deal with on day to day basis.  Michelle has spoken throughout the country concerning these issues that encompass all areas of illegal immigration, including Phoenix, Arizona, Washington D.C., Chicago, and California.  She has also been noted in many different types of literature, and has been in the movies entitled,  “Cochise County USA:  Cries from the Border” and “Documented America – the “I” Word.” – With Liberty and Justice for ALL!