News for Jan 19

This is the sort of narrative that must change - for some reason we are suppose to
feel sorry for them - they should fear enforcement - they are in the Country illegally.

‘I left my tacos on the table and took off running.’ Immigrants remember the workplace raids of the 1980s


Law would cut off aid to countries that refuse to accept illegal immigrant criminals

Didn’t take long for the Cuban ASYLUM GAMES to begin
Seeing the Obama ended ‘Wet Foot/Dry Foot’ - the Cubans just change
their approach by demanding asylum

The Asylum process -that truly was beneficial to those who really needed it -
is now under this Administration nothing but “A JOKE”

Five Cubans seek asylum in Texas, likely the first of many

Hey Minnesotans - Have you heard - while we struggle with Obamacare…demanding that it be repealed - Minnesota is now the fourth State to offer it to DACA’s….. Illegal alien’s brought here by irresponsible parents and others.

From the article…….
About two dozen DACA recipients have applied since Jan. 1. DACA applicants must meet residence and income requirements for the program, sometimes described as the state’s option for the “working poor.””It’s only a matter of fairness,” said Pablo Tapia, co-founder of the advocacy group Assembly for Civil Rights. “DACA recipients pay taxes and contribute a lot to our society.”

I say……………………
No Pablo - that is not fairness - it is aiding and abetting. Fairness is following the laws and not making Americans pay for illegal alien healthcare.

“Gee - if they can afford it by working - taking an Americans job - they do not need Obamacare - now do they…..  they can pay out the nose like the rest of us until illegal immigration is finally addressed - BUT NOPE - you and I get to pay!!!!!! - They referred to as
‘the working poor’ meaning they are illegally employed and in addition…getting benefits!!!

And, did you also know that DACA’s can get a Driver’s License in Minnesota and word has it that driver’s licenses is included in the current debate in the Minnesota Legislature to add all Illegal Aliens via Real ID - They should not have the ability! Isn’t the REAL ID push suppose to be about security …in part - then how can anyone justify adding illegal aliens - people we know nothing about? That’s Security?

And it should be noted that Minnesota made a bit of history in November of 2016.
Republicans took the majority in the MN House and the MN Senate. And yet - even with the majority - with the election results - we see this.

Contact your Representative and ask them WHY????? and share (if you would) with your fellow Minnesotans.
I am tired of being forced to fund this lawlessness - both the aiding and abetting illegal aliens and the Obama destruction of healthcare - Enough!

And then we have this out of Minnesota

State’s GOP legislators take aim at ‘sanctuary city’ policies
GOP legislators say they could withhold aid to cities sidestepping immigration rules.

This is posted by Kathy at PeskyTruth and is in this month’s edition of the VERDICT
at Judicial Watch - thanks to both!

No Border Wall, but US Builds Green Bus Corridor in Mexico, Bicycle Highway in Colombia


Pro-Trump Bikers Plan to Form a ‘Wall’ Against Violent Protesters at Inauguration


San Francisco sued by car-theft victim for allegedly violating its sanctuary city ordinance

Yep - the individual that shot and beat a Trooper last week is an ILLEGAL ALIEN.

Authorities: Trooper was shot by driver he sought to help


Suspect in slaying of local musician had been deported twice, was caught with 50 pounds of pot


Undocumented immigrant arrested on multiple charges


Minnesota officials questioned about why they withheld information about active TB case

From Ruthie Meanwhile just so you know - this is from Oct 2016 ………………….

296 Refugees Diagnosed with Active TB in Minnesota, Ten Times Any Other State; Majority Are Somalis


Guatemala says US can’t deport millions of migrants

Border tunnels left unfilled on Mexican side pose security risk, officials say



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