Chris Storie in Memory of Joe Storie and Justice NOT Served on The Ruthie Report

Chris Storie in Memory of Joe Storie and Justice NOT Served on The Ruthie Report

Please join Ruthie Thursday, Feb 2nd, 2017


Times: 7 pm PST, 9 pm CST and 10 pm EST

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with our Guest joining the program for the second hour.
Joe Storie has been described numerous times as a big man with a big heart hit was murdered by yet another illegal alien living large in the United States.

Unfortunately Joe was forever and permanently taken by this illegal alien driving on our roadways. But in this tragic ending to an innocent man’s death - the illegal alien has yet to be re-captured - that’s right - he killed an American and remains at large.

Isn’t it sad and COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE that we could view this with a bit of gratitude that not all four in the vehicle….were not taken? What has happening to the rule of law?

“We are still fighting for justice,” Storie said. “It puts a permanent hole in your heart. Never the same. … Our justice system, they have done nothing for my family.”

At a courtroom hearing before Rodriguez fled, Storie approached him, but he refused to speak to her.
“I stopped him and I said, ‘I know you understand every word I’m saying,’ and I just told him, I said, ‘I want you to know what kind of man you took away from us. You took my nephew’s dad. Joe has three sons that now no longer have their father. Joe was an awesome brother, husband,'” she said. “I followed him down the courtroom steps to the sidewalk, and he turned and looked at me and said, ‘Talk to my attorney.”

NOW there is a little movement on this injustice with a recent ruling to uphold the reinstatement of a $50,000 bond forfeiture - that’s right the bail bondsman that put up funds for this fleeing illegal alien will now pay (should have in the first place).
It has been Injustice after injustice! - but now this action as Chris puts it… “at least one wrong has been righted.”
Chris and Ruthie will discuss Joe - they will discuss the emotional toll of Rodriguez still at large - they will discuss this bail bondsman and what Chris feels… and I quote “truly believe Trump is our last hope.”

Please join us for this angering and emotional show of the loss of yet another innocent American forever gone
Court decision brings some relief to accident victim’s family