News for Feb 2nd

TWO Petitions for your consideration

We the people ask the federal government to Change an existing Administration policy:
End Immigration Benefit and Marriage Fraud & Abuse! + Grant Witnesses & Informants Protections from Retaliation!
Created by J.A. on February 01, 2017
National Security Threats:
Many immigrants who enter the U.S. under the guise of “legal immigration” are in fact entering through fraud, only to later commit atrocities like the St. Bernadino attack, who entered through K-1 visa fraud. These immigrants appear to have entered “legally” and enjoy “legal status” but have in fact, engaged in fraud, and are merely un-charged and un-prosecuted, illegal aliens.

DHS policies refuse to maintain files on U.S. Citizen Sponsors & instead place U.S. Citizen information into alien files, so as to deny U.S. Citizens access to their OWN information & immigration proceedings, resulting in informant retaliation/tampering, obstruction of justice, fraud and other crimes as well as denial of Due Process to U.S. Citizen Sponsors & I-864 Contract holders


We the people ask the federal government to Propose a new Administration policy:
Require IRS to release tax information to ICE on suspected illegal immigrants.
Created by K.H. on January 31, 2017

This petition is to create a law that will require the IRS to cooperate with ICE by releasing all tax information to ICE for all tax returns filed by a suspected illegal immigrant over the past 5 years. Specifically tax returns filed using an ITIN but the W-2 has a SSN. This is done nearly exclusively by illegal immigrants and the SSNs they use are always borrowed or stolen.
This petition is also to create a law that will require all professional tax prepares to report any suspected illegal immigrant to ICE and providing ICE with any requested information.

Double Woo Hoo - Here we go Folks construction of the Wall to begin in a matter of months
and Kelly wants it complete in two years!!! WOO HOO

DHS secretary: Border wall should be finished in two years


President Trump Appoints New Acting Director Of ICE


Abbott declares emergency to ban sanctuary cities

Colorado Lawmaker Introduces Bill Against Sanctuary Cities


Trump: U.S. reviving police immigration enforcement despite Dems, media propaganda




Argentina toughened its immigration law Monday, making it easier to deport foreigners who commit crimes or who are being investigated.


San Francisco Sues Trump Over Order Pulling Funds From Sanctuary Cities


Mexico Vows $50 Million Legal Fund to Fight U.S. Deportations


Mexican Senator Threatens: We’ll Stop Fighting Terrorism If Trump Builds The Wall [VIDEO]


Neil Gorsuch gets the nod for Supreme Court Justice.


De Blasio says drunk driving, grand larceny not enough to deport; do they have to kill or rape first?


Drug smugglers use road spikes to escape Border Patrol


Somali Refugee Rapes Mother on Minnesota Bus Near Her Child Won’t Be Deported


Police in Custody of Five Illegal Immigrants for Shooting Woman 13 Times
January 26, 2017
Suspects arrested for murder of Jill Sundberg


Sanctuary Democrats Killed His Son, Daughter-In-Law Pandering For Fraudulent Votes


Why We Need Transparency on Illegal Immigrant Crime
Public kept in the dark about legal status of serial Florida rapist who eluded capture for years


Mexican Store Owner Accidently Reveals His Scam Of New Jersey…Feds Discover HUGE Operation