We Simply Cannot Afford Another Lawless Amnesty

We simply cannot afford to grant another lawless pandering amnesty.
Why aren’t their Countries, their Governments, their fellow citizens taking care of their own instead of putting it on the U.S. Taxpayer?

Steven Kopitis concludes
“U.S. taxpayers may be better off providing migrants permanent residency sooner, as it would allow a greater period of time for them to pay into Social Security and Medicare before their retirement,”.

I conclude……
NO NO NO, I wonder why it is we just do not enforce our laws!
There is a legal way to enter the United States that would help us ensure we allow admittance that we can absorb and screened. A lawful system versus an illegal alien one.


From the article…
With the costs of illegal immigration already at $135 billion, according to a recent report, the retirement bill is likely to add far more, bringing the tab to $2 trillion.
“Do the math, and six million long-term undocumented residents translates into roughly $2 trillion of government benefits over the balance of their lives, some of which will be offset by Social Security and Medicare taxes paid. It is a steep bill,” said Steven Kopits, president of Princeton Policy Advisors in Pennington, N.J.