The Census Citizenship Question
Of Course, there are many reasons the Progressive Left do not want this included.

Of the many reasons, it could be the redistricting or zoning, it could be financial gain here and there, it could be certain politicians that need to appear to keep the pandering going, it could be just to combat President Trump or it could be that We The People would know just how out of hand this INVASION is.

Or it could be ELECTIONS!
Can you imagine if the census said that there were 40,000 legal registered voters in a particular county but election results show 50,000 voted?

Tom Perez, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, calls it voter suppression - voter suppression of WHO?….I ask?

Should anyone who can spit on our laws and enter by hook or by crook ex: illegal aliens, refugees, terrorist - the taliban or ISIS, should they also get to weigh in on our Country, it’s policies, National Security issues? Who’s vote would be suppressed if asked if they are or are not A CITIZEN?

The Progressive left pro illegal/pro refugee stance is not what the majority of Americans want and they know it, look at the 2016 election results.

and WE THE PEOPLE have every right to demand answers.

Good news is: Commerce Department Secretary Wilbur Ross said the question will now be on the universal form.
“I find that the need for accurate citizenship data and the limited burden that the reinstatement of the citizenship question would impose outweighs fears about a potentially lower response rate,” Mr. Ross wrote in a memo about the decision.

Holder - please sit down and shut up!

Do not ask me why we really need to have another law to turn around illegal aliens - seems like border enforcement to me,
this one by Sen. Inhofe has a TWIST to it - those notorious pending court dates. It would end catch and release.

Sen. Jim Inhofe, Okla. says he plans to introduce legislation in the next three weeks that would allow immigration agents to send those caught illegally crossing the border back home.
“This merely says if they’re caught in the country, send them back to their country while they wait for the court date,” he said.

Those opposing the legislation…
They say: it would be a financial burden to require them to make a trip back for a court hearing….
I say - EXACTLY!!!

They say: “What guarantees do we have that they they’ll be allowed to come back for their court date?”
I say: Sure let them return for their court dates, fine them for breaking the law and then send them home again. Pays for the court process.

They say: This suggestion is absurd, illogical and cruel – not to mention a waste of resources,”
I say: Illegal entry is AGAINST THE LAW, a fact they seem to ignore and WHAT RESOURCES - are you kidding?!?!? Just think of all the money - the saving resources - WE WILL SAVE, not housing, clothing, feeding them etc.

Will this see traction? I wish it would, but we all know how things work in Washington

School Safety - REALLY?
Maybe screening for immigration status WOULD HELP!!!!!

A former school secretary - an ILLEGAL ALIEN - with a gun and a phone.

Yes!!! you read that right - she was a school secretary - she now faces new charges on top of those she is already serving time for.

Illegal alien - Claudia Rodriguez-Oviedo, has been indicted for unlawful possession of a firearm by an alien illegally in the United States (funny how they word that - isn’t it…NOT)

She is currently serving a ONE YEAR sentence for calling in a fake bomb threat to a school in Pratt, KS.

She was a secretary at Southwest Elementary School and made the call because…..“she wanted to see what it felt like.”

School Safety - Really?