I Demand Investigations and Heads To Roll

A 96 year old American can be accosted at the Washington Dunes International Airport for 5 plus minutes, searched repeatedly, but meanwhile suitcases full of cash via daycare fraud by Muslims fly’s out of the Mpls/St. Paul airport undetected - REALLY?!?!?!?!?!?
I DEMAND an investigation into what I believe is an assault on this senior citizen.
I DEMAND an investigation into TSA at the MN airport who wouldn’t dare to search a blanket cloaked muslim woman like this, who missed suitcase after suitcase of cash flying out.
I DEMAND that the liberal Attorney General of MN explain to the Minnesota taxpayers where were the checks and balances to catch the daycare fraud and what will be the outcome.
I EXPECT and DEMAND that HEADS ROLL on all count.