Another SNUFFED OUT Young Life

Another SNUFFED OUT young life. Two others wounded – one critically.
While Congress remains unaccountable to We The People and continues to play their games on illegal immigration, pretending to care by making new laws instead of enforcing our current laws via pandering and new legislation that will not be enforced (just like now)… another young teen has lost her life at the hands of a TWICE DEPORTED illegal alien under the influence of drugs.
An illegal alien who fled the scene taking his two-year-old son with him.
Britney Baez will not be attending her future graduation due to the complete lawlessness taking place at our border and our interior. Where is the Lame Stream media now?
“YEP, Mums the word…it involves YET ANOTHER illegal alien.”
Too bad Congress is more concerned with pandering and rewarding illegal alien foreigners than their ours our safety and welfare.
Police officers arrested 27-year-old Edy Lopez-Hernandez, an illegal immigrant from Guatemala, after he allegedly crashed his car into another, causing the death of 17-year-old Britney Baez. Investigators said Lopez-Hernandez did not hit his brakes before, hitting the victim’s car at 70 miles per hour. The crash also injured Britney’s sister Nicole and critically injured her father.
Court records obtained by Breitbart Texas reveal that Lopez-Hernandez attempted to flee the scene. He dragged his two-year-old son out of the car in the process.
Lopez-Hernandez now faces charges of murder, two counts of intoxicated assault, and failure to stop and render aid following a crash with serious bodily injury.
KTRK ABC 13 reported that Lopez-Hernandez also has an immigration record that includes two previous deportations.