VOX Stupidity and A Question for MS-13

VOX Stupidity and a Question for MS-13

The lies and blatant cover for illegal aliens and violent gangs (MS-13) has reached a new level… an asinine and unbelievable level.

VOX, a source I use occasionally to share their pandering ways and lack of character… now says that MS-13 is nothing more than, AND I QUOTE …. a group of nice kids that ride their bikes, hang out and go to jobs after school. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Really, just nice little boys huh? Nearly 40 percent of all murders from two years ago in Suffolk County were linked to MS-13 gang violence. Gov. Andrew Cuomo added $7.5 million to combat gang violence on Long Island. Maybe VOX could speak with Cuomo.

Vox defends MS-13 against Trump’s charge that the gang is a drug-smuggling criminal cartel. Maybe they could check out this from the Combating Terrorism Center at WEST POINT…. that states “Recognizing the partnership between the transnational drug trafficking organization Los Zetas and MS-13 is critically important to the security of the Americas”. Link below.

I could go on and on about MS-13 and their violent criminal ways, about the Americans that have suffered the lost of a loved one to MS-13 or been victimized themselves


Who do you think is more revolted by VOX and their asinine untruthful writings… The American Citizenry that knows better OR MS-13 with their gruesome tactics and criminal activities that they intentionally and purposes have strived to create only for VOX to trash, turning them into nothing more than choir boys?