How do the people really feel about the immigration issue?

Cost of illegal immigration is high

Last week’s newspaper, “Illegal Immigration Costs Minnesota 188 Million a Year.” Next day’s paper, “Immigration report misses contributions of illegals.” We can argue all day, but it’s time to get past the rhetoric and solve the problem. In the first place, they’re illegal aliens. The argument should end right there. They have no rights here. They broke the law entering the country. We owe them nothing.

The Center of Immigration Study reports 800,000 illegals are arriving each year. Already, 29 percent of federal prisoners are illegals.

On top of that, any reasonably intelligent person in the mainstream has to know illegal aliens place a tremendous burden on our health care system, state and local jails/prisons, our school systems, our infrastructure, our community pride and our welfare system.

Along with everything else, the American Research Foundation tells us illegal aliens pose the single greatest threat to the future of Social Security. In the works is a back-door plan with Mexico that will funnel $345 billion Social Security tax dollars into the pockets of illegal aliens and their dependents.

With that said, let’s keep it simple. It’s time to overhaul the archaic, out-of-date immigration system. We don’t know who or how many are coming in or going out. The present policy has been twisted, stretched, and devalued. It just doesn’t make sense. Frankly, it’s a mess. The borders are in chaos. There is no coherent policy in place.

There’s too much at stake to play political football with our nation’s sovereignty. Our politicians need to look at the big picture. This isn’t about hate, race, color or creed. These factors only cause emotions disguised as thought. It’s much bigger than that. Yes, our nation will survive, but at what cost for us — and future generations?

H. R.