Pine Island

How do the people really feel about the immigration issue?

Drazkowski offers hope for leadership
The Republican Eagle -Published Saturday, July 15, 2006

To the Editor

In the last few months many important issues have been in the public forum, but only one individual has stepped forward and given his thoughts on many of them. He has been clear on where he stands on education, marriage
between one man and one woman, abortion and most recently enforcement of our borders.

On May 15, Steve Drazkowski was the first official in local politics to offer ideas on what Minnesota should do to help secure our borders: send a National Guard contingent. Drazkowski shared his vision on this issue before George Bush and even before our governor shared theirs.

Last week, Gov. Tom Pawlenty announced that up to 500 Guard soldiers would be deployed to the southwestern United States border in an effort to control the illegal immigration problem.

Drazkowski’s vision was nearly two months ahead of the governor’s decision. I believe this gives us a glimpse of the visionary leadership that Drazkowski would bring to public service if elected to Senate District 28. We need a
senator who will not shy away from making decisions on important issues such as border enforcement, taxes, abortion, marriage and more in coming legislative cycles.

He has weathered a lot to maintain his values and principles. He has shown courage and commitment. He has established himself as a political leader who will represent the people of District 28 more successfully than the incumbent. Drazkowski provides hope of honest, loyal, committed representation in a district that has been void of that type of leadership for some time. I hope my fellow District 28 citizens will go to their local polling places to vote in the Sept. 12 primary for Steve Drazkowski.

J. E.
Pine Island