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How do the people really feel about the immigration issue?

Red Wing Republican Eagle
May 19, 2006

Laws mean nothing if never enforced

I applaud Steve Drazkowski for speaking out (R-E May 16). There are many out there with the same beliefs. We must stop this illegal invasion by making our voices heard. If you speed, you are breaking the law. If you drive drunk, you are breaking the law. If you are here illegally, you are breaking the law. Laws are there for a reason and we cannot deviate from this.

Those interested in becoming more informed in this cause please go to I would like it know that I am not a racist,radical or vigilante, just a realist. This problem is not just in the South, but up here where we work and live. It’s time “we” stand and say enough. We need to know who and what is entering this great country of ours.

D. H.
Red Wing

Illegal immigrants here illegally. Period
Red Wing Republican Eagle - 7/7/06

It saddens me to watch the news, 7-4-06 KARE channel 11 (July 4) and see pro-immigrant protestors at the Minnesota State Capital with no AMERICAN flags. There were none!

It is no secret I stand with the anti-ILLEGAL-immigrant side. There is one word there that the “Pro-immigrant” people do not use, that word is ILLEGAL!

We do not have a problem with those that are here legally; they applied and took the time to gain their right to be an American citizen. Is it fair to them; is it fair to us to allow the millions of illegal’s to stay in this country just because they were able to get through the fence without getting caught? Think about it, this is breaking the law.

Example: You own property and want people to stay off-you put up No Trespassing signs, if someone wrongs you by trespassing you call the authorities and have it dealt with legally!) This is your right and the law; you pay taxes for this right.

If Congress, Senate and the U.S. President allow all illegal’s who are here now- ILLEGALLY, to stay. Then every legal American citizen should be given a “FREE GET OUT OF JAIL CARD”. Sounds stupid right! Think again.

We know nothing about the illegal’s currently in this county, I mean nothing. Their background, arrest records, medical issues, mental health issues, WHERE ARE THEY GETTING SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS. You need one to gain employment! There is a right way to do things and a wrong way. Sometimes the right way takes time, but it is legal.

Pro-immigrant protestors at the Minnesota State Capital . Shame on you for NO AMERICAN FLAGS displayed (this was the Fourth of JULY) and calling the Paul Revere Riders and those that stand with them racists Maybe similar to color blindness you just can not see the word “ILLEGAL”

We are not racists; we are American Patriots, voters and legal citizens who are just trying to open the eyes of everyone in this county to see the wrong doings be done by many of our political leaders.

Take the time to look the word ILLEGAL up and see its meaning.

D. H.
Red Wing