Texas Under Seige Imperative Ruthie Report with Texas Border Volunteers


Please join Ruthie this Thursday June 19th - 8 to 10 pm CST with Guest Jim Gibson of the TBV = Texas Border Volunteers
Jim Gibson will join the show at the top of the 9 O’Clock hour
Texas Border Volunteers
TEXAS IS UNDER SEIGE and it is spreading throughout the Nation
Mass illegal immigration is and continues to flood Texas resulting in the transportation of illegal aliens to other states or simply cut loose
JIM WILL SHARE WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING - not just what the MSM wants us to hear
This current INVASION not only involves Mexicans but those from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras etc
No ones really knows who and from where are entering illegally at our southern border
And while the media continues to try and paint a picture of little children - the facts speak for themselves
Women Children, Men and suspected Terrorists are flooding our border
- some jet skiing in with others purposely being detained knowing nothing will happen but a free ride to a shelter
And of course, drug cartels are busy knowing our agents are busy - forced to play babysitter rather than their duties
The word is out in Central America - get across the US Border and you are home free
So if we know this - why is nothing being done to stop it?
The TBV is asking for our help demanding that actions be taken immediately
Please tune in to hear what is really transpiring in Texas - how demoralized the Border Agents are
What is happening on the ground there in the form of enforcement and where is our Elected Officials?