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Sure he is - Ruthie
Obama Planned Underage Invasion of America in January—Asked for Bids for Nannies for 65,000
June 22, 2014 By Stephen Frank
DHS Sec. Admits Unaccompanied Minors Being Reunited With Illegal Immigrant Families
Doctors Warn of Looming Health Crisis Due to Flood of Young Illegal Immigrants
Homeland Security Sec: Feds Screening Illegals for ‘Contagious Diseases’
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Swine Flu Confirmed at Shelter for Unaccompanied Minors
So basically we are ignoring the Rule of Law and allowing the Nation to be flooded with illegal aliens - whose care we will be forced to pay for right? Sorry - cold soundings or not - enforce the law and start the deportations - do not pander to foreigners - now our illegal aliens and demand the American and Law Abiding Taxpayers ignore the lawlessness and pay for it - ENOUGH.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chelsea Schools Overwhelmed By Sudden Influx Of Immigrant Students
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From Texans For Arizona New Immigration Law and Breitbart.Com
People have FINALLY had enough of this BS. Over 1,000 people in Virginia bulldozed DHS at a community meeting last week when attempting to turn a college into an illegal alien orphanage. Now Escondido, CA residents say NO.
ESCONDIDO, California–Tensions ran high as an estimated 500 people packed Escondido City Hall, flowing into the foyer and courtyard, for a planning meeting Tuesday night to voice their opinions on a proposed 96-person, illegal alien youth detention facility.
A source present at the meeting reported that the facility proposed to house children from the ages of six to seventeen, but would likely house mainly those in their early teens, based on statements made during the meeting. The public voiced concern over giving up local control of the property to federal authority. Significant reduction in value of properties located near the facility was another concern of Escondido residents.
One local woman made a statement that an illegal alien had killed her child. Safety for those in the area is another main issue cited in opposing the project.
ICE Removal Operations Director Confirms: Years Before Illegals Have Cases Heard
Homeland Security Seeks Thousands Of Pairs Of Underwear For Detained Immigrants
June 24, 2014 10:05 AM
Murder Suspects, Sex Offenders, and MS-13 Gangster Caught at Texas Border
Support Amnesty? Wait Until You Learn What Happens To Mexican Gangbangers On U.S. Soil
“We know they are all over the U.S.”
B. Christopher Agee — June 20, 2014
Mexican Thugs
Suspect in Deadly Hit-and-Run of a Creighton Doctor Appears in Court Wednesday
Man facing charges following crash that killed 4 people at Alief intersection
by Jacqueline Crea and Kevin Reece / KHOU 11 News
UNREAL: Texas Ranchers Under Attack at Border by Illegals
Police: Illegal immigrant threatened to kill, sexual assaulted Washington teen