Enough - You Tell Me !!!


If I were to commit a crime and begged for no enforcement of any real consequence - after running to some church asking for “SANCTUARY” and then asked YOU and hundreds of the FELLOW PATRIOTS to march up and down the street with signs saying “Leave Ruthie alone” or “Stop criminalizing Ruthie” etc. - AM I FREE and GIVEN A PASS?

Can I ignore some law and expect all is good if we just get ‘IN YOUR FACE’ and play the games?

No! - law enforcement would be all over my American born rear end. The Church would not give me cover and justice would be served….. So why is it that this ILLEGAL ALIEN FOREIGNER and the living large illegal alien daddy - have escaped justice? YOU TELL ME!

Time this ‘Church Sanctuary’ B.S. goes down in flames, just like State and City sanctuary lawless actions, positions and pandering.

She is begging to stay, of course IN SPANISH here 13 years and still REFUSES to speak English….  She was caught by Border Patrol in 2005 but thanks to Obama was making regular check in’s…the check in’s are done and she was told to deport.

Instead she is hiding in yet, another church with her 15-month-old daughter, Camille. Her 10-year-old son, Daniel, will live with Dad (birth father?) who is also an ILLEGAL ALIEN. -

Two illegal alien parents and two anchor babies.

We DO NOT need comp. immigration reform - we need to ENFORCE THE LAWS





Pregnant or not, they are ILLEGALLY in the Country and should be treated as such….

Just another anchor baby in the pipeline.

Thank You President Trump!

And to You - Obama - Thanks for NOTHING but lawlessness for illegal aliens against what is ‘the law’ and best for the Country and it’s LEGAL citizenry. The article states ‘The move is the latest effort to scrap immigration policies created in the final two years of Barack Obama’s administration’.

What needs to happen is that they are turned around at the border for illegal entry…

NO MORE GAMES!!! Perhaps President Trump could next tackle BIRTHRIGHT Citizenship.



From the article…SAN DIEGO (AP) — The Trump administration said Thursday that it ended special considerations to generally release pregnant women charged with being in the United States illegally while their cases wind through immigration court.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said it scrapped a policy that took effect in August 2016 that pregnant women should be released unless they met limited criteria that required them to be held by law, such as serious criminal histories, or if there were “extraordinary circumstances.”

The new policy, which took effect in December but wasn’t announced until Thursday, gives no blanket special consideration to pregnancy, though the agency says each case will be reviewed individually and women in their third trimester will generally be released.



Serious prison time and (seeing it is not stated how SHE GOT HERE) then deportation to a Country of her choosing.

And for those playing the asylum games - demand your Country, your Government take care of you instead.