Make Noise Stop This Advertised INVASION!!!!!

IMPORTANT - Please review. This must not happen - MAKE NOISE, LOTS OF IT.

This is what a JOKE our National Security, Immigration and Refugee Laws are and how they are viewed as around the world. Now, they are not sneaking in - instead they are coming in packs and ADVERTISING IT!!!!!Telling us “Hey, we are on our way - 1,500 families strong - (growing everyday) to SPIT ON YOUR LAWS, SECURITY, and SOVEREIGNTY and we are going to play the refugee game and demand that you take us in, feed us, clothe us, etc.

That’s right Folks - they are coming, playing the “Political Refugee Status’ game making a mockery of Us and Our LAWS.
Refugee status - so no screening of any consequence, just take down our info and cut us loose. And if not cut loose - We The People will still be raped of our hard earned dollars to care for them in some camp. Meanwhile homeless hungry Americans are of little consequence.
Mexico, of course, is aiding them in their attempts - just as long as they continuing moving to the U.S. southern border. Mexico’s response would be different if they decided to stay in Mexico”.

Who is in this so called caravan? And, if this caravan is successful - who wouldn’t form a caravan and play the same game?
Is it people fleeing their own homeland because…(feel free to quote me) THEIR GOVERNMENT IS SUCH EPIC AND UTTER FAILURES?
In this pack are their MS-13 members, maybe a few North Koreans or Russians have slipped in as well. And, what an opportunity for terrorists to blend and walk right in. Terrorists must be thinking ‘Gee, all we have to do is fly into Mexico (who will help us) and then walk right in claiming refugee status - easy peasy!!!!!!!!

President Trump, ICE, DHS, DOJ, CBP, Border Patrol - SOMEONE/ANYONE… STOP THIS advertisied INVASION!!! This is where the rubber meets the road!
STOP THIS LAWLESSNESS NOW - send a message to this caravan and the next (already forming) that this will not work….TURN THEM AROUND NOW and BUILD THE DAMN WALL.

Tell them to play their refugee games in MEXICO!!! see how that works for them.
Clearly an invasion in play and a NATIONAL SECURITY R I S K !!!!!
Contact Our Government - DEMAND this STOP!
PS Just where is the msm on this?

“The turnout surprised all of us,” Rodrigo Abeja, a Mexico-based organizer with Pueblo Sin Fronteras, the immigrant rights group behind the caravan, told Splinter. Abeja said the group’s most recent caravans last year only had about 450 migrants.