Possible Solution for the President with 1,500 Families Headed Our Way

A POSSIBLE SOLUTION for President Trump on the illegal alien/game playing caravan of 1,500 families plus heading to our border - What do you think?

Not what I would suggest or do but, then the President then would be addressing their claims and Mexico could continue to help all these families - there in Mexico. (a solution besides the more perm. solutions I am seeing posted and reading online).

Of course - it should be simply shutdown, but, if the President feels the need to deal with these game playing illegals - this may be a solution.

Something Different
NO ADMITTANCE until verified. - DO NOT LET THEM IN and then verify - instead verify first then go from there. This would in essence stop this lawless asinine insanity and national security threat.

PROPOSAL: Take the first family’s information in line ‘IN MEXICO’ at our southern border. Inform the remainder in line, the additional 1,499 families plus, that their requests will be reviewed once the first family’s request has been addressed and verified - no verification - no admittance.

Let them know it could takes weeks to review their claim of political asylum because, as they know, the U.S. government is so busy dealing with previous game playing requests and illegal aliens.

Inform Them… that in the meantime - they could wait at the border in Mexico (Mexico is more than willing to help - right?) or file paperwork and return home.
Just an idea besides complacency in this INVASION!!!