A 68 Year Old Vietnam Vet Murdered

A 68 year old Vietnam Vet Murdered
Robbed, tortured and murdered…. body dumped and burnt, this out of Hartford, California.
Fought for this Country thru his service in the Military - Vietnam, was seen as a nice man only to lose his life this way. Angering!!! Two links below - second link - Kenneth’s family members weigh in.
Stacie Mendoza, 38 and Jose Mendoza, 36, are accused of murdering Kenneth Coyle, 68. Neighbors said the victim was a nice man but stayed to himself. Officers said information led them to Mendoza/Jose Mendoza.
Although - as usual - immigration status is not provided… both were caught at the Los Angeles airport, by L.A. Airport Police, Jose had Coyle’s belongings on him and both had plane tickets to El Salvador.
Police said during questioning both Mendoza’s confessed to Coyle’s murder and told police they dumped and burned his body in Madera County.
*****NOTE: Police said children were with the suspects when they dumped Coyle’s body in Madera. YES YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY!
They now face charges including murder, torture, burglary, robbery, felonious elder abuse, and felonious child abuse.
Rest In Peace Mr. Coyle!!!!
What is it going to take?