Calling Rep. Jeff Denham OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We need to CALL OUT these Panderers and DEMAND ANSWERS!
TO: Rep. Jeff Denham, (working again for a daca fix) I am Calling You Out - I DEMAND answers! Please, by all means, feel free to CONTACT ME.
Four question (I have tons) for Rep. Jeff ‘Panderer’ Denham (R) - questions the President may wish to consider as well - going forward.
Know that a daca amnesty is nothing more than a MASSIVE AMNESTY and a message aiding continued illegal entry. You know it, I know, Denham knows it - EVERYONE knows it - but this truth is never shared.
1. Security - You say that a daca lawless reward must be addressed along with border security - why? Why do you CONTINUE to advocate for illegal aliens BEFORE ensuring American’s have national security? What is more important to you…. National Security or illegal aliens? And, do not say - “it just makes sense”…. that’s another lame talking point… nothing about your pandering makes sense.
2. Legislation - The PRESIDENT has said that daca is dead, a statement we expect the President to honor? Why do you continue to ignore and work against the President, Why new laws and legislation when you refuse to advocate for enforcement of current laws and legislation? Instead of your continuing daca loving efforts - where is publicly pushed legislation to combat the lawlessness of aiding and abetting - known as sanctuary and other measures? (crickets chirping).
3. Screening - Just who are you pandering for in the first place…what’s the number? How do you propose to screen the 30-year-old with a five-o’clock shadow illegal daca from the 30-year-old with a five-o’clock shadow illegal alien who just entered - ARE YOU SUGGESTING ‘PAPERS? The fake papers mills are already running and it should take the ACLU, an hour TOPS, to scream profiling ending any verification = mass amnesty.
4. Parents and other illegals - While you pander away with PUBLIC ADVOCACY for daca’s, we never hear anything ‘from you’ regarding the non daca illegal aliens… WHY NOT? Are you saying that daca will get a pass and everyone else will be deported? Are the deportation buses warming up as we speak? Do you really believe (in some make believe world) that daca’s will vote Republican as they watch their criminal Mommy and Daddy being deported? Many of the illegals and their supporters have said they will not accept that - nor will the Democrat’s and YOU KNOW IT - So DO WE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Bottom Line… A daca amnesty (which the President said is dead) is nothing more than a legislative tool for ‘THE PANDERER’S’ to grant a mass amnesty. Starting with daca’s, then their parents and family members who put them in this position in the first place, then moving on to care-givers, extend family members etc.
The PANDERING EFFORTS via a ….. “Forced House Vote” should not transpire - PERIOD! And for those who may consider this - WARNING…”The Devil is in the Details”.
This tactic is nothing more that amnesty for illegal aliens while ignoring the consequences to Americans and the rule of law… all the while continuing with their asinine, decades old, lying talking points of border security.
It Must End and it apparently is up to you and I to do so…
Rep. Jeff Denham - I look forward to hearing from you PERSONALLY very soon.