Caravan - The 500 to 600

Caravan - It is reported that 500 t0 600 continue with 50 showing up to play their ‘CREDIBLE FEAR/ASYLUM’ games, as we speak. Mexico lied and has not stopped a great deal of these future illegals, and I believe that Mexico is doing all they can to help them. Credible Fear - well they have spent days in Mexico, so they can just stay there.
Where is legislation by our fearless leaders to stop this instead of working to reward illegal aliens know as daca’s?
What good is it to send the Guard to the border if they - just like the Border Patrol - they are laughed at by those knowingly IN YOUR FACE playing games - our border enforcement that is NOT allowed to stop this lawlessness and invasion?
Men and Women on the front lines forced to believe their claims and then do an intake of sorts, which is UTTER B.S. There is NO WAY TO SCREEN THESE PEOPLE. What can be uncovered about each and everyone of them but their words… and the ones already in the system… well, they will just go down stream and enter.
Why even try to enter illegally unless you are a rapist, gang member, murderer etc. (many previously deported) just walk up to the line and spit out CREDIBLE FEAR and you are in like Flynn.
WHO WOULD NOT do this that wants to come and live of the American taxpayers?THIS MUST BE STOPPED!
There are claims some have been blocked entry - We shall see! Several links below for you - one a video