If This Is Not Nipped In The Butt Now…….

If this is not nipped in the butt now………………….
Just something isn’t it, that these lawyers say “they are not telling the asylum game players soon to be our illegal aliens’ what to say” they are just providing them with information. THE GAUL - do they really believe that WE WOULD believe this asinine comments?
They ‘help’ (if you want to call it that) these people claiming ‘THE LAW’ and then tomorrow turn around and ‘help’ some already illegally present illegal alien in our interior… precisely THROWING THE LAW under the bus. INSANE!!!
This must not transpire!!! All eyes are on DHS and The President - watching to see what does actually take place. THEY CAN REQUEST ASYLUM - but the U.S. DOES NOT NEED TO GRANT IT!!!
As you already know if you flee a country due to fear - you are suppose apply for asylum in the first Country to get to - that would be MEXICO.
But of course not - like the pregnant asylum game player (illegal alien) who has plans of meeting up with family in Houston. Tell me that was not per-arranged!!!
Or the heart-tugging comments of another saying that once in the U.S. his kids can go to school, learn English and buy toys …So just who will be paying for that schooling and toys - the game-playing pending illegal alien or you and I?
There is also talk of medical diseases and concerns - so will these game players be screened or just released on to our streets and in our schools with our children.
If THIS IS NOT NIPPED IN THE BUTT NOW - it will never end.
PLEASE Mr. President - deny their claims and let Mexico who aided them in their journey address their fears or mass tent detentions center until their claims can be denied and then deported.