Immigration Reward Update

The Conservative Immigration Bill (as they call it) - The Goodlatte Bill… failed in the House this afternoon. The more moderate bill is said to POSSIBLY be presented on Friday - and NO ONE believes it will pass, as well.
DEMOCRAT’S NEVER INTENDED to send any bill to The President’s desk NOR did the swamp dwelling Big Business employees (GOP).
They do not want a resolution, a resolution that some would consider a ‘Trump win’ and THEY NEED this issue for midterms, 2020 and to keep Big Business happy.
In a press conference on Thursday, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called the compromise bill a “compromise with the devil.”
The Democrat’s HAVE NOTHING ELSE to run on and will sacrifice any possible solution to keep this issue - well and alive. And the illegal’s, will continue to be used and abused, what options do they have?
Meanwhile, WE THE PEOPLE demand enforcement and THE WALL without rewards.