WHAT Is Going On? Another MN American Pays The Price

WHAT!!! WHAT IS GOING ON. We are being told that CRIMINAL illegal aliens are being deported - RIGHT!?!?!?!
How can that be when this illegal alien with a rap sheet like this and numerous deportations kills yet another Innocent American and ONLY GETS 4 years - out in two. Why ??? (Sentenced this week)
Matthew Barthel - age 33 of Minnesota, a husband and father of two and an only child, has paid the price!!!!!!
Look at this rap sheet below - PLEASE. BUT FIRST, I ask you to see Matthew’s Mother’s statement. Statements from Matthew’s wife and additional family members in the links below.
Meryl Kottke-Barthel’s on the Senseless and Preventable Loss of her only child……
“There are truly no words that can convey the traumatic loss of my only child, [and it’s] even worse to know that the person that killed Matthew has come to America illegally,” “At what point does the [government] have some accountability to the citizens of the U.S. in ordering deportations of illegals who are arrested, instead of releasing them to only be arrested again and again and again?”
“Its system of catch and release is no policy that can continue to offer protection to its citizens,” she said. “Matthew’s country did not protect him.”
- Deported at least three times for being in the United States
illegally from Mexico
- A high level of methamphetamine in his system when he
ran a red light killing Matthew
- Convicted in Minnesota at least five times in the past 10
years for driving without a valid license. He had a valid
license at the time of the collision; it was restored from
revocation less than six weeks before the crash.. WHAT!!
- Disorderly conduct -
- Domestic assault
- Malicious punishment of a child
- Receiving stolen property.
Where WHERE Where is any outrage or concern for Matthew and his life snuffed out by yet another illegal CRIMINAL alien……. WHERE?