Illegal Aliens Separating Themselves From Their Babies

So much for the Liberal, Snowflake and Crocodile Tears from politicians and illegals themselves on the separation of children for those caught in an illegal act.
Many of us have seen the video/clips of illegal aliens reunited with their ‘believed to be’ children - with the children looking less enthused by the reuniting.
And while this narrative of “Babies ripped from the arms of their parents” is pushed by democrat’s and those marching in the streets, seemingly applauded by enforcement of our laws, you know…. those working on behalf of illegal aliens vs Americans and the rule of law…. we read that DHS Secretary has had to make a statement telling the game playing parents not to SEPARATE THEMSELVES from their children.
You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!
DHS Nielsen Tells Migrants They Cannot Leave Their Children in the U.S. | Breitbart
The decisions by more than 100 migrants to separate themselves from their children is undermining the political claims by many progressives and Democrats that President Donald Trump is willfully separating families to frighten and deter migrants from crossing the border.