In Remembrance - LOUISE SOLLOWIN

PLEASE Read and Remember !!!

Today marks the fifth year since the horrendous and violent beating, rape and murder of Louise Sollowin. She passed away five years ago. A 93 year innocent American violently and brutally taken/gone but passionately not forgotten.

We must NEVER Forget!

Summary: Louise went to bed like she did every night, feeling safe and secure, like we used to be able to do in this Country, only to be awaken by an intruder - a violent drunk illegal alien thug who enter her bedroom and began beating her, breaking her nose and the orbital bones around her eyes, blood EVERYWHERE!  He then removed her adult diaper and raped this poor innocent 93 year old victim. THEN… afterwards, this violent puke passed out on top of her, leaving her trapped under his weight. Louise was found by her daughter and authorities were called … the illegal arrested and Louise taken to the hospital - she surcame to her injuries and passed away four days later.

Louise, 93 years of age who has experienced so much in those 93 years - good and bad - only to leave this world laying in a hospital after being beaten, just pulverized and raped - simply put - BROKEN.  Broken at the hands of an drunk, angry, newly arrived, illegal alien!!!

Louise and so many other victims that would be with us today if only our laws were enforced instead of politicians using the LAWLESS crimes of illegal aliens as a bargaining voting tool.

With Tears of Sadness, In Remembrance of Louise - Louise Sollowin, and so many others that would be with us today, so preventable - but forgive gone!