United Airlines Aiding and Abetting

You and I can pay for our airfare (outrage costs if you ask me) many times that include being treated like crap and assaulted by TSA, but an illegal alien who purposely and willing spit on our laws - enters illegally knowing the consequences but ignores them as well - get free rides, apparently (as reported) UNSECREENED - SERIOUSLY?

We The Law Abiding American Citizen - We The People….. continue to be bent over and forced to pay for illegal aliens, their children and the costs, financial and otherwise ONLY TO WATCH companies pandering (like the politicians) to the lawless.

How long before the consumers of these companies and the American Taxpayer via their taxes, have had enough and total chaos ensues?

President Trump and his Administration MUST get back to addressing illegal immigration, where illegal aliens are rewarded for their behavior and premeditated lawlessness - While the American Citizen gets the SHAFT!!!!!

United Airlines, the airline that famously dragged a paying passenger off a flight, stuffed a dog into an overhead compartment and killed it, and junked a priceless guitar in its baggage handlers’ tender care, has come up with a new one for us: free flights for unscreened illegals, sitting right there next to the paying passengers in those newly shrunken seats.
In the name virtue-signaling, of course, offering $3 million in free flights to people who have thumbed their noses at U.S. immigration law and can’t be bothered to apply for entry legally.
United Airlines, “Our company’s shared purpose is to connect people and unite the world — we are proud to support your work to help reunify immigrant children and families.”

Southwest too!!!