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I didn’t even get past the first bullet point before tons of questions jumped in my head like……………………
1. So what about the other 15 million plus illegals in the Country are they going to be deported?
2. Who is going to really research and police this…. Obamnesty is freeing illegal aliens criminals to live amongst us - Does he really believe we are this stupid?
3. Can you imagine the fraud that is being discussed as we speak - Illegal Juan who just arrived ILLEGALLY yesterday says - “You tell them that little Juan is mine okay”?
Just for a few examples swirling around in my head
Oh Please just - Secure the Border and enforce our CURRENT LAWS
Source: Obama to announce 10-point immigration plan via exec action as early as next week
Published November 12, 2014
EXCLUSIVE: President Obama is planning to unveil a 10-part plan for overhauling U.S. immigration policy via executive action — including suspending deportations for millions — as early as next Friday, a source close to the White House told Fox News.
No Surrender on Immigration
Who will protect the nation, if not us?
November 10, 2014
Lawsuit by Career ICE Attorney Exposes Obama Anti-Enforcement Campaign
By Jessica Vaughan, November 11, 2014
Ted Cruz, Mike Lee: Obama’s Attorney General Nominee Must Denounce Planned Executive Amnesty
STAND WITH AMERICANS NATIONWIDE: STOP OBAMA AMNESTYVIEW THE VIDEO about the Sheriffs’ December 10th Washington, DC, meeting, On The Record Fox News:


CALL: Barack Hussein Obama and tell him THE SHERIFFS ARE COMING - December 10th to Washington, DC, TO OPPOSE OBAMA AMNESTY. Enforce the law! Secure the border!
ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????????????
N4T Investigators: Border Patrol stripping agents of their rifles
Boortz: “The Camp of the Saints” illegal immigration is happening right now
Jean Raspail wrote “The Camp of the Saints” in 1973. It’s a tale about the effects of mass, global immigration after the removal of borders from nations.
Here’s a synopsis of the plot:
The Camp of the Saints is a novel about population migration and its consequences. In Calcutta, India, the Belgian government announces a policy in which Indian babies will be adopted and raised in Belgium. The policy is soon reversed after the Belgian consulate is inundated with poverty-stricken parents eager to give up their infant children.
An Indian “wise man” then rallies the masses to make a mass exodus to live in Europe. Most of the story centers on the French Riviera, where almost no one remains except for the military and a few civilians, including a retired professor who has been watching the huge fleet of run down freighters approaching the French coast.
The story alternates between the French reaction to the mass immigration and the attitude of the immigrants. They have no desire to assimilate into French culture but want the plentiful goods that are in short supply in their native India. Although the novel focuses on France, the rest of the West shares its fate.
Near the end of the story the mayor of New York City is made to share Gracie Mansion with three families from Harlem, the Queen of England must agree to have her son marry a Pakistani woman, and only one drunken Soviet soldier stands in the way of thousands of Chinese people as they swarm into Siberia. The one holdout until the end of the novel is Switzerland, but by then international pressure isolating it as a rogue state for not opening its borders forces it to capitulate.
“I’m telling you, folks, Barack Obama read this novel and he’s implementing it,” Boortz said. “You need to read it to.”
The novel can be read for free online.
And at Church and State
Horrifying Reprise of Jean Raspail’ s Immigration Novel Now Happening Here in USA
By Donald A Collins | 16 July 2014
Church and State
News Illegal Aliens Commit Nearly 400 Child Sexual Assaults in North Carolina During October
Illegal Aliens Commit Nearly 400 Child Sexual Assaults in North Carolina During October
Dave Gibson 11/11/2014News
View the list of October arrests in its entirety…
Illegal Alien Crimes in North Carolina - An exclusive Social Contract report
By Dave Gibson
Volume 25, Number 1 (Fall 2014)
Issue theme: “Illegal Alien Crimes in North Carolina”
Gibson adds
My North Carolina crime study is now online. A huge thanks goes out to James Johnson of NCFIRE, Maureen Wilson of CapeFearFIRE and to The Social Contract Magazine, for without their tireless efforts, this work would not have been possible.
‘DREAMER’ Brutally Raped 3-year-old girl in North Carolina
Dave Gibson 11/11/2014News
News ‘DREAMER’ Charged With Raping 7-year-old Girl in New York
‘DREAMER’ Charged With Raping 7-year-old Girl in New York
Dave Gibson 11/12/2014News
Mexico horrified by suspected massacre of 43 students
November 8, 2014 3:23 PM