Prison Lawsuit and Another Hunger Strike

Prison lawsuit and yet another…. Hunger strike = REALLY? –

Simply solution to the ILLEGAL ALIENS (NOT MIGRANTS) complaints – Go Home!!! Both links below.

The lawsuit filed Wednesday in federal court alleges that alleges prison conditions at a medium-security facility in Victorville, California, are too restrictive for the illegal aliens while they wait their immigration court hearings.

Are You Kidding Me!!!! What did they expect ‘Club Med’?  Hey Illegal Alien…… You are in detention not the Ritz – the Obama era is over. And, claims of religious freedom. – oh please, return home and practice what you want.

AND THEN……. there are the 500 (they say) planning a hunger strike – Go ahead with your plans to hunger strike – if you go without food, by your own accord, why would we care?

Do not like the conditions… drop your immigration hearings and your immigration lawlessness and