Tutition assistance cuts for Soldiers but illegal aliens get help

Judge Jeanine’s Response - need not say anymore
She nails it
Stand With Me and Support Border Patrol Agents Against Being Singled Out
Army suspending the Tuition Assistance program for active duty and reserve soldiers
The Washington TimesFriday, March 8, 2013

The Army is suspending the Tuition Assistance program for active duty and reserve soldiers beginning Friday, according to an email obtained by the Washington Times.
The move will suspend financial assistance for soldiers who take classes in their off-duty time after work and on the weekends.
“This suspension is necessary given the significant budget execution challenges caused by the combined effects of a possible year-long continuing resolution and sequestration,” said an official Army statement Friday.
Classes that are already approved will be funded, but not new requests for assistance, according to the memo.
More than 20,000 college-bound students are seeking state financial aid for the first time under California’s new Dream Act laws that allow them to get the help despite their immigration status. — While far from a complete picture, that number is the best indicator yet of how many students hope to benefit from a pair of laws that could radically change the college experience for a generation of students whose parents brought them…

Betrayed Again: Washington State “Dream Act” To Fund Illegal Aliens

By Jesse Mossman on March 6, 2013 at 5:26pm

Washington citizens seeking an education are about to be betrayed again: Washington State HB 1817 would give illegal aliens access to state financial aid. Some are calling this a Washington State Dream Act because the illegals in question are the ones to whom Obama gave amnesty by executive order-without bothering to ask Congress.

Note that former Governor Gary Locke (himself descended from a Chinese illegal alien) already achieved in-state tuition for illegals. Now, if this bill becomes law, they will get financial aid too.

Rachelle Sharpe, director of student financial assistance at the Washington Student Achievement Council, said the grant program – which has $303 million for the 2012-13 school year – is already underfunded as demand for financial aid has risen sharply following the recession. She said that last year more than 29 percent of the 106,000 students who applied for the grant were denied due to lack of funding. [ Bill would make some in US under special immigration status eligible for state financial aid]

Observe the compounding effect such measures have on legal residents: First, granting illegal aliens in-state tuition rates means they take subsidized spots which could go to legal residents. Then, claiming there is not enough money, the University of Washington-paid for by taxpayers-bumps state residents in favor of foreign students who pay higher tuition. Now making illegal aliens eligible means less money to assist legal residents.

So potential students who are citizens or legal residents get not just a one-two punch, but a kick thrown in as well. Will the voters of this very liberal state react to the beat down of their own children? It is doubtful: liberals have a long history of self-destruction-witness their participation in the destruction of their country by third world invaders.


The Obama administration’s decision to release some immigrants awaiting deportation back into the community has spawned a furious backlash fromCongress, where stunned lawmakers have besieged the Homeland Security Department with questions.
Department officials have described the move as a cost-savings measure required by the budget sequesters, but two years ago one top official testified toCongress that detaining immigrants is usually cheaper than releasing them.

SPECIAL COVERAGE: Immigration Reform

As the questions build, so does pressure on Homeland Security Secretary Janet A. Napolitano, who has not yet answered the requests, signed by dozens of Senate and House members, to detail who exactly has been released, why they were being held in the first place, and who gave final approval.
“It is frankly irresponsible that your agency chose releasing detained immigrants as its first effort to control spending,” a group of 37 House Republicans, led by Reps. Matt Salmon of Arizona and Duncan Hunter of California, said in a letter Friday.
On Monday, Sen. Daniel Coats, the ranking Republican on the Senate Appropriations Committee that oversees immigration, took to the Senate floor to say the department cannot duck his questions. He speculated that the release has already spurred a new wave of illegal immigration.

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/mar/11/backlash-grows-over-release-of-illegal-immigrants/#ixzz2NOBiKIlr

Thomas Perez, two requests for action and NY protest

2 Request for Action and 1 Protest at the end of this email
Senate Democrats eye immigration blitz after recess
Two links on this unbelievable and unaccept nominee to Sec of Labor
Will ANYONE stand up and stop this nonsense or do we really have no voice
left in America?
President Barack Obama will reportedly nominate Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez to be the next Secretary of Labor. Perez, who works in the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, would succeed Hilda Solis as both Secretary of Labor and as the Obama administration’s highest-ranking Latino official. He previously served as Maryland’s Secretary of Labor.

During his time at the Department of Justice, Perez gained notoriety for overseeing the Justice Department’s objection to voter ID laws in Texas and South Carolina. The South Carolina law was delayed, while the Texas law was struck down by a federal court, which found that “it imposes strict, unforgiving burdens on the poor, and racial minorities.”
Perez is also well known for filing a lawsuit against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, accusing “Sheriff Joe” of engaging in racial profiling.
“At its core, this is an abuse-of-power case involving a sheriff and sheriff’s office that disregarded the Constitution, ignored sound police practices, compromised public safety and did not hesitate to retaliate against his perceived critics,” Perez said at the time.
Obama’s pick is certain to generate controversy on Capitol Hill. Perez is a long-time target for voter-suppression groups such as True the Vote, and he also drew right-wing criticism during his conflict with Arpaio.

I’ve been working this issue for the past couple weeks behind the scenes with politicians and media, trying to get to the truth about the mass release of illegal aliens by the Obama Regime. We know that at least several dozen aliens awaiting deportation were released from the Otay Mesa Detention Facility in San Diego in the past 3 weeks under Obama’s orders. The facility is run by Corrections Corporation of America (as are most ICE detention centers in the U.S.) and they operate under contract with DHS, which means the detention beds are paid for whether they are occupied or not. $164 is the rate per alien per day at these contracted facilities. So releasing illegals from custody saves zero tax dollars; the money has already been budgeted and is paid monthly. Congress has budgeted for 34,000 alien detentions total nationwide, but DHS is reducing the number of aliens detained down to about 26,000. This apparently was/is all a big political scam by Barack Obama to scare Congress into raising our taxes. It didn’t work, but it has unleashed thousands of foreign aliens into our cities, with promises to release thousands more before the end of March.

Senior ICE sources have assured me that they are not releasing any convicted criminals in San Diego despite Obama’s orders. So far SD ICE has only released aliens that were not convicted of any crimes and intend to keep it that way if possible. We know that is not the case in other parts of the country where ICE has released some violent, convicted criminals due to orders from Washington to meet quotas of releases. We will continue to monitor the situation here in SD Co. Public safety is always our #1 concern. Obama’s goal is obviously to open our borders to millions more impoverished illegal aliens to permanently destroy our Constitutional Republic.

Rep. Duncan Hunter sends letter to DHS demanding details of alien releases:



Please take action today to stop Obama’s evil amnesty scheme for 20+ million illegal aliens (future Democrat voters). Pro-amnesty leftists are swarming Capitol Hill with a call-in campaign this week demanding open borders and amnesty. Only We the People can stop them, like we did in 2007.



Hi NY ICers,

I recently received word of the other side’s plans to protest for their D.R.E.A.M. Amnesty

on the same day of our meeting, March 28th.

It will be conducted by a group NY ICE has counter protested before, named the New York

State Youth Leadership Council.

Their protest will be a little earlier than our meeting, and I think a few of us who work can

use our lunch hour to come to the earlier part of this. (Their demonstration for the
D.R.E.A.M. begins at 2:30pm).

Please let me know if you can make it! For further information on the other side’s plans for March 28th, you can visit their propaganda page at:


Here are the Details:

WHAT: NY ICE Counter Protest of D.R.E.A.M. Amnesty Supporters
WHEN: March 28, 2013 (a THURSDAY) at 2:30pm
WHERE: 14th Street and Union Square South in Manhattan (across the street from

Whole Foods Supermarket)
BRING: Anti-D.R.E.A.M. Amnesty signs, or just Anti-Amnesty signs. I will likely bring my
standby “Hispanic Against Illegal Aliens” sign. Here’s another idea for a sign:
“Their D.R.E.A.M. is our NIGHTMARE”. Bring CAMERAS.
CONTACT: Joanna at 
[email protected] to let her know you can come!
PLEASE let me know!

Joanna, President
NY ICE (New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement)
The pro-amnesty lobby is mobilizing its base this week, organizing a national call-in campaign to Congressional offices to urge Members to grant amnesty and work authorization to the 11-12 million illegal aliens in the United States.
Scheduled to take place March 12 through March 14, the call-in campaign is the latest attempt by the pro-amnesty lobby to drown out the voices of hard-working Americans who oppose granting a free pass to law-breakers.
Going by the name “Interfaith Worker Justice,” the organization spearheading the campaign says it is “made up of coalitions, committees and community groups of interfaith worker advocates, congregational members and clergy.” Notably, the organization is funded by pro-amnesty entities such as the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the Ford Foundation.
We need your help NOW to counter these voices. With 22 million legal Americans unemployed or looking for full time work, we must prevent special interests from dictating our immigration policy! We need to work harder than the opposition to make sure Congress does not pass an amnesty bill. Call your Senators and Representative NOW and tell them to OPPOSE AMNESTY! Tell them:

  • You want immigration ENFORCEMENT, not another amnesty.
  • Amnesty legislation rewards those who broke U.S. immigration laws and only encourages more illegal immigration.
  • U.S. immigration policy must meet the needs of hard-working Americans—not those of special interests!

To find out how to contact your Members of Congress, click here.

Urgent Request! Amnesty legislation is on the horizon
It’s already been a busy week in Washington, D.C. Open-border proponents have been inundating Congress in an effort to build support for amnesty. A group called Interfaith Worker Justice is organizing a call-in this week “to support real and inclusive comprehensive immigration reform.” Last week, hundreds of La Raza activists descended on Capitol Hill with their pro-amnesty message.

It’s time they hear from us!

After you make calls to your Senators and Representatives, please also send them a fax or e-mail to reinforce your views.
The more we voice our opinion, the louder and more effective it will be. And remember, a phone call is considered TWICE as important, and therefore twice as effective, as an email.
Thank you for your time during this hectic week,
Gretchen Pfaff

CAPS Associate Director

TBV’s Linda Vickers “Stab In The Back’ on The Ruthie Report

Please join Ruthie this Thursday March 14th, 2013 with
GUEST: LINDA VICKERS, Texas Border Volunteers
bio below
8 pm Lead Stories *** 8:30 pm Criminally and or Insane *** 9:00 pm GUEST
Linda and Ruthie will be discussing what is taking place on the Vickers Ranch,
the infux of illegal aliens on their land, what the cuts to Border Patrol etc will
mean for them and what they feel the current actions of Washington really
result too - the bottom line ON the front lines
A must tune in! - here are several links
Rancher says Border Patrol budget cuts are stab in the back
Furloughs bite for customs workers
6:00 pm PST - 8:00 pm CST - 9:00 pm EST

Call-in Number: 1-917-388-4520

via “The Truth Squad”

Click here and then on The Ruthie Report

URL: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/marti-oakley


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Linda Vickers
Born in Mission, TX in 1956

Graduated from Mission High School in 1974

Graduated Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M University in 1978

A resident and rancher of Falfurrias, TX, with husband Dr. Mike Vickers, since 1996

Assisted in the structure and formation of The Texas Border Volunteers, Inc. in 2006

Currently holding the office of Chief of Staff/Texas Border Volunteers, Inc.

Member of the Falfurrias Border Patrol Community Partnership Meetings

Completion of the Falfurrias Border Patrol Citizen’s Academy in 2009

Member of South Texans’ Property Rights Association

Linda Vickers
“God grants liberty only to those who love it and are always ready to defend it”
Daniel Webster

Criminally and or Insane mid March edition

Colorado toddler killed in Mexico was raped
On Wednesday, prosecutors in the coastal Mexican state of Nayarit announced that Eleodoro Carlos Rodriguez Sanchez has been charged with the rape and murder of 2-year-old Axel Charrette.
The toddler was killed on February 28, while on vacation with his parents at a rental home on Mexico’s Pacific coast.
Sanchez reportedly beat the child, raped him and tossed him into the pool, where he drowned.
The alleged murderer is the ex-boyfriend of the child’s babysitter, Nancy Saralee Solorio Pérez, who has also been charged with homicide after failing to intervene in the attack, as well as lying to authorities afterwards, according to prosecutors.
[Family spokesman Brian] Scranton said the Charrettes had returned to Ridgway, Colorado, on Monday and were overwhelmed by the support from residents of the town, who had set up an assistance fund, created a website for neighbors to sign up to bring meals to the grieving family and opened their homes to relatives coming to support the family. The town is naming a bike trail after the slain boy, Scranton said.
Revealed: How immigrants are gaining U.S. citizenship by getting married on Skype - to people thousands of miles away

Most Idaho dairy farm workers illegal immigrants

Different estimates say most of Idaho’s 8,300 dairy farm workers are illegal immigrants.
U.S. Rep. Paul Labrador recently put the number at 90 percent.
Idaho Dairymen’s Association executive director Bob Naerebout says he believes it is between 75 percent and 80 percent.
Naerebout says his estimate is based on U.S. Department of Agriculture figures and past audits by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Narebout tells the Idaho Statesman ( ) the high number of illegal immigrants on dairy farms has social and legal consequences


Illegal immigration raid at dairy farm pays off for police

An immigration raid at a Michigan dairy farm turned into some big cash gifts for two state police agencies, which received more than half a million dollars from the federal government for helping investigate and expose unlawful hiring practices at the farm, federal authorities announced today.
The Michigan State Police and the Huron County Sherriff’s Office have each received nearly $287,000 – money that stemmed from a criminal investigation of Aquila Farms, a Bad Axe dairy farm that was staffed almost exclusively with illegal immigrants, officials said. The dairy operation made headlines in 2007, when federal agents with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations raided the farm and arrested dozens of illegal immigrants.
Firm admits using illegal aliens for Marcellus work
WILLIAMSPORT - A Texas company accused of using illegal aliens for work in the Marcellus Shale natural gas fields on Monday pleaded guilty to harboring and transporting illegal aliens and agreed to forfeit $250,000 cash and pay a $25,000 fine.
GPX/GXP USA of Sealy, Texas, also agreement to put in place a compliance program to ensure it adheres to applicable immigration and employment laws.
The three-year period of probation in the plea agreement could be reduced to one year if the financial obligations are satisfied.
Operations manager Douglas C. Wiggill, 44, of Fort Worth, Texas, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of aiding the improper entry of aliens into the United States. He is facing a maximum of six months in prison and a $5,000 fine.
SAN DIEGO - A boat adrift off the coast of Point Loma with 11 people onboard was found Tuesday.
According to the Coast Guard, a woman called shortly after 2 a.m. saying that the engine on the boat died and it was drifting at sea.
The boat was found about three miles off the coast by a Marine Interdiction agents shortly before 5 a.m. and taken to Ballast Point.
The 11 people onboard were turned over to Border Patrol agents. One woman was pregnant and was taken to an area hospital.
Investigators said they believe the passengers were likely trying to get into the country illegally.
Border Patrol pursuit ends in fatality
Secretary of Tourism Assassinated By Cartel Mexico - he was appointed on March 1

C and I for 3/3 - entering, turning themselves in, expecting release

Dear Members
Now they are entering illegally and turning themselves in believing because
Nappy and Obama advertised that illegals were being released - UNBELIEABLE
Is there anyone who has a clue what is transpiring … awake in Washington

More illegal immigrants caught, expecting quick release, Border Patrol union says

McALLEN — Illegal immigrants have started surrendering to local Border Patrol agents after crossing the Rio Grande, convinced they’ll be released by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which recently turned hundreds of immigrants loose to save money.

In preparation for the sequester — federal spending cuts forced by Congress’ inability to reach a budget deal — ICE released several hundred low-risk illegal immigrants from detention centers last month and placed them on supervised released instead. The news apparently reached illegal immigrants preparing to cross the border.

“These are people that are just voluntarily turning themselves in to our agents with the expectation they’ll be released,” said Border Patrol Agent Paul Perez, president of the Rio Grande Valley union of the National Border Patrol Council. “When you cross with the expectation that you’ll be released, there’s no need to hide, there’s no need to run. You just look for a uniformed agent and turn yourself in.”

ICE stopped releasing immigrants after the cost-cutting move sparked public outcry.

A spokesman for the Border Patrol’s Rio Grande Valley Sector said he couldn’t immediately comment on the union’s concerns or provide apprehension numbers.

Border Patrol agents across the Rio Grande Valley Sector, many working near McAllen, have reported apprehending more illegal immigrants than normal during the weekend, Perez said.

Neither Perez nor local rank-and-file agents knew how many illegal immigrants voluntarily surrendered with the expectation ICE would release them. Internal Border Patrol numbers obtained by The Monitor show weekend apprehensions steadily climbed during February.

A Border Patrol agent sent The Monitor photos taken recently at the McAllen Station, which show dozens of immigrants crowded into overflow areas.

Have been unable yet to confirm immigration status

Death-crash suspect is convicted Killer: Police hunt for felon with previous DWI ‘who killed pregnant woman, her husband and their unborn baby as they drove to hospital’

A Union City man charged earlier last month with trying to lure a 14-year-old girl into his car at a city school appeared in court Thursday on similar charges related to a 15-year-old girl, officials said.

Pedro P. Ponce, 31, of 24th Street, appeared in Central Judicial Processing court in Jersey City Thursday via video link from Hudson County jail in Kearny where he has been since his arrest on Feb. 6, officials said.
The undocumented alien was charged on Feb. 21 with stalking, endangering the welfare of a child and luring and enticing the 15-year-old, the criminal complaint says.
On Monday, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents arrested Santos Javier Guevara-Oliva, 33, in Hyattsville, Md.
On February 1, the Salvadoran national was charged in Santa Barbara, Calif., with aggravated sexual assault on a child under 14 as well as forcible rape.

Dangerous TB Patient Nabbed On U.S. Border

In medical isolation in South Texas, 100 miles or so from Mexico’s border, is a man who embodies one of U.S. health officials’ greatest worries: He is the first person to cross and be held in detention while infected with one of the most severe types of drug-resistant tuberculosis known today.

His three-month odyssey through 13 countries—from his homeland of Nepal through South Asia, Brazil, Mexico, and finally into Texas—shows the way in which dangerous new strains of the disease can migrate across the world unchecked.

IMPERIAL BEACH ­ A San Diego Harbor Police boat was rammed by a panga boat off

Imperial Beach before its operators fled to Mexican waters Saturday night, authorities said.
Border Patrol agents seize over quarter-million dollars in marijuana

Obama pardons Hawaii woman in immigration case

One of the 17 individuals pardoned by President Barack Obama today was An Na Peng of Hawaii who was indicted by a grand jury in 1996 for allegedly providing answers to immigrants seeking naturalization.

Peng was employed by a testing facility and was accused of providing answers to examinees and changing incorrect answers on completed exams.

She pleaded not guilty. At trial Peng was found guilty and was sentenced to two years of probation.

Peng is a native and citizen of China who entered the United States in 1991.

The Board of Immigration Appeals had rejected Peng’s request to waive her deportability based on certain circumstances.

The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals disagreed with the BIA and sided with Peng.

MORELOS, Mexico (CBS Houston) — A 13-year-old Mexican drug cartel hitman was found dead along with five other people.
Univision reports that Jorge Armando Moreno’s body showed signs of torture when he was found near the town of Morelos.
Moreno — who was a member of the Los Zetas gang — was arrested earlier this month, along with 15 other suspects, and confessed to taking part in 10 executions.
Bondsman can’t find immigrant charged in traffic death
A DeLand man was granted a $35,000 bail on DUI manslaughter and other charges despite an arrest report’s warning, in all capital letters, that he might flee — and that’s exactly what he did, an attorney said.

William David Lopez, 27, posted bail and fled within 24 hours, according to an emergency motion seeking a nationwide arrest warrant. A hearing is set for 2 p.m. Wednesday before Circuit Judge Randell H. Rowe III in DeLand on attorney David Damore’s motion, which also seeks to revoke bail.

The second page of the charging affidavit against Lopez warns in all capitals: “LOPEZ IS NOT A US CITIZEN AND IS A POTENTIAL FLIGHT RISK.”

Although Not directly related to illegal immigration - or is it?
Thought you should be aware of this one
Report: DHS buying 2,700 armored vehicles for domestic use
Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform
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They say No English, upset about drivers license and more

Now the requirement to learn English within the treasonous discussion of amnesty
(oh yeah we are suppose to call it CIR) is under attack - there is no requirement being
dicussed that the illegal alien nor their advocates like - but we already knew that.
Worst yet those receiving Drivers Licenses who shouldn’t are not happy with them either…..
ENOUGH - Enforce our Immigration Laws - end the whining! - RUTHIE

English requirement in immigration reform will test underfunded ESL system

It would be “insane” to require illegal immigrants to learn English, added Leslie Robbins, the executive director of Riverside Language Program in Manhattan, which teaches legal immigrants intensive English courses. For one, she noted, the system is already overloaded. “There’s not enough funding currently to deal with the numbers of people who both need and want English-language instruction,” she said.
North Carolina immigrants protest pink driver’s licenses
Young immigrants in North Carolina recently given work permits under President Barack Obama’s deferred action plan are outraged: The state will be giving them driver’s licenses emblazoned with a pink stripe and the words “NO LAWFUL STATUS.””It is discrimination,” said Jose Rico, a 23-year-old community college student who has been protesting the new licenses, announced by the state’s Department of Transportation last month. Rico, who was brought to Raleigh by his family from Mexico when he was 13, received a work permit three weeks ago under Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.


Mexican death saint, long popular with drug lords, is now embraced by everyday people
I continue to warn everyone about the Family Unity Plan
here is what they are currently doing - note the sponsors

Here is a message from Robin at Calif Crusaders about this bus tour
Counter Protest of the Illegal Alien Bus Tour
In front of Congressman Gary Miller’s office
3/4/13 Rancho Cucamonga, CA
NOTE: Join us today, Tues, March 5th at 12noon Brea, CA - at the Pro Amnesty Bus Tour Info Below
Rancho Cucamonga, CA - March 4, 2013 
Susan Tully of Fair forwarded an email - just hours before the illegal alien bus tour arrived in front of Congressman Gary Miller’s Rancho Cucamonga, CA office. http://garymiller.house.gov/We deployed a counter protest as rapidly as possible….

Rusty Fleming - Updates from the Border on The Ruthie Report

Please join Ruthie March 7th, 2013 at 8 pm CST with
GUEST: Rusty Fleming
(bio below)
Lead Stories at 8 pm
Criminally and or Insane 8:30 pm
Rusty at 9 pm
Rusty and Ruthie will be discussing the release of illegal alien by DHS
and what they are seeing - if anything - in Texas on this. Plus Gov Perry’s
remarks concerning this unbelievable action.
We will discuss how Hudspeth County will handle the situation
and cartel news updates

6:00 pm PST - 8:00 pm CST - 9:00 pm EST

Call-in Number: 1-917-388-4520

via “The Truth Squad”

Click here and then on The Ruthie Report

URL: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/marti-oakley


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Rusty Bio……………………….
Gary A. “Rusty” Fleming Jr.
Public Information Officer

Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Office

Gary A. “Rusty” Fleming Jr.-
Award winning producer, director, author and consultant for 25 years, Rusty started his multi-media company to produce corporate industrial films, commercials and news segments.
Rusty is recognized by national media and law enforcement agencies as an expert on border security and the Mexican drug cartels. In addition to producing news documentaries for several U.S. networks, he has produced multiple episodes of Gangland for The History Channel.
Rusty is currently developing two documentary projects related to the drug cartels and other organized crime syndicates operating in Mexico and the U.S