Belly of the Beast Calif. Candidate Rodney Conover on The Ruthie Report

Please join Ruthie this week for the FIRST CANDIDATE INTERVIEW of the upcoming elections Feb 27th, 2014 8-10 pm CST
with Guest Rodney Conover who will join the show at the top of the 9 O’clock hour 
Might as well start in the belly of the beast - California
I will be asking Mr. Conover some tough questions on his bid for Congress and his position on illegal immigration
How - if successful in his bid - he plans to proceed and make a difference … and the future of California

I do not believe in legalizing criminal behavior and that means illegal entry or residing illegally in this country. Amnesty suppresses all American’s wages, increases Democrat voter rolls and increases crime.
Rodney Lee Conover is one of the few candidates in the nation to receive a “True Reformer” rating from NumbersUSA  and  “Stop Amnesty Now” – the largest anti-Amnesty groups in the country. He is running for Congress in California’s 8thDistrict on the Republican ticket.

RODNEY LEE CONOVER FOR CONGRESS – CALIFORNIA’S 8TH DISTRICT U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES: Rodney Lee Conover is a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 8th District of California. Rodney Lee has been a conservative Republican activist for over 30 years. He grew up surrounded by cornfields in the middle of Illinois and moved to California after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor’s degree from the prestigious School of Business at UT. During a 25-year career in entertainment, Rodney Lee was a writer for the Rush Limbaugh Show, a conservative stand-up comic for 12 years - entertaining people and troops all over the world and co-hosted Talk Radio for SiriusXM for 9 years. Along the way, he was on staff with Fox News, Sony Worldwide Network and has been published in every medium, including print, television and online. In 2008, he retired and went into politics full-time, working on many campaigns, including for Joe “The Plumber” Wurzlebacher and for Herman Cain, writing speeches, press releases, videos and website material for Mr. Cain’s 2012 Presidential Campaign. He’s now running for Congress to stop ObamaCare, Amnesty, cut the debt and improve Education – first and foremost by stopping the implementation of Common Core and returning the design, implementation and teaching to local teachers, school districts and parents. Rodney Lee believes the Federal Government should be held to its Constitutional authority where it is granted, secure the border and defend the country – but never at the cost of infringing on the Rights of the American people.


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News This Week

Nationally known DREAMer, 2 others arrested at hunger strike outside ICE headquarters
Center for Immigration Studies
Mexico Irate Over Border Patrol Use of Force Against Rock Attack
By Jessica Vaughan, February 25, 2014
Ambushes of immigrants escalate violence at US-Mexico border
Feb. 26, 2014 5:17 PM |
GOP Lawmakers Press DOJ About Court Decision Allowing Illegal Alien Gang Members To Stay In US
Obama eases penalties for businesses hiring illegal immigrants
40 percent decrease in fines belies rhetoric
Report: 125,000 immigrants given deferred action eligible for Medi-Cal
February 25, 2014, 6:00 a.m.
Folks you really should click on the links with this story and take a look
At the bus they are traveling around in while demanding amnesty
Congressman Ed Royce Protested
Fast For Families
Brea, CA February 25, 2014

The Fast For Families nationwide bus tour is hosted by numerous labor and faith organizations and will cost about $1 million, according to national Secretary Treasurer of the SEIU Union Eliseo Medina, who spoke at the Brea protest.
No Amnesty activists learned about the pro-illegal alien protest in front of Congressman Ed Royce’s office at 1:30pm on Tuesday, February 25, and by 3:30pm a Pro-USA, Support American Workers Rally was underway.
And while they are spending their time touring the Countryside……We have this
Poll: 8 of 10 evangelicals reject clergy’s push for amnesty; 29% want border closed
G.O.P. Congressman in South Carolina Takes a Risk With a Foray Into Immigration
GAFFNEY, S.C. — After the sterling conservative voting record he has established during three years in Washington, Representative Mick Mulvaney, a Republican, can take a few political risks in his South Carolina district, one of the most conservative in this reliably Republican state. This week he did just that.
Mr. Mulvaney convened a town-hall meeting in this country town on the troublesome issue of immigration, with an audience of Latinos. He held forth for an hour, parsing policy and answering questions about the prospects for immigration legislation in the House — entirely in Spanish.
Florida Democrat: Without Immigration Reform, Where Will We Get Our Landscapers and Maids?
By Associated Press
February 11, 2014 | 8:53am
Two Illegal Immigrants Sentenced For $1.4 Million Food Stamp Fraud
February 25, 2014 at 1:57 pm / by Pamela Anne
BUT SHE JUST WANTED A BETTER LIFE… Yeah, right.Another day, another illegal alien proving to us why the borders need to be secured, and why Americans who hire illegals need to be sent to jail, and why the existing pool of illegal aliens should not be rewarded with legalization on any level.Santos Elena Ruiz Solano, who came to the US illegally from Hondoras 7 months ago and found a job on Long Island as a housekeeper, gave birth in her employer’s bathroom, killed the newborn girl and then went to a hospital with the body in a bag and asked her unknowing husband to throw it away, prosecutors said Friday.

This sort of behavior doesn’t happen suddenly. It’s an attitude and demeanor that resides inside the sort of person who can break the law each and every day. The woman claims to have been raped on her way to the US. Probably so, but you can bet your bottom dollar that any woman who comes here illegally is warned of the rapes that take place at the border by the smugglers. It’s a mindset, a mindset our country does not need. Damn it, clean your own house.

Mexico makes clear it will hold on to ‘El Chapo’

Gibson on Obamas Mexico trip re The Trucks, Border and More The Ruthie Report

Please join Ruthie this week Feb 20th, 2014 8-10 pm CST
Dave Gibson will join the program at the top of the 9:00 O’clock hour
LOTS TO DISCUSS FOLKS…………………….……. that you will not want to miss
Dave has a new project and needs assistance
Dave and Ruthie will discuss Obama’s Mexico trip and see if the UNBELIEVABLE $30 ‘B’ Billion dollars that Mexico is suing the US for … because their trucks are not on our roadways and share want if anything shook out or was resolved
They will discuss Reid asking Obama for MORE EXEC order unconstitutional nonsense in stopping deportations
And if there are any updates to the fatal shooting of an illegal alien rock thrower by a border agent.

Dave Gibson, a former legislative aide to a state senator, has been working as a freelance writer for many years. His work has been published in many newspapers and magazines including the Washington Times. He believes that the issue of illegal immigration is the most pressing issue of our time and can no longer simply be ignored by our elected officials.


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News This Week

US Border Patrol agent kills man near San Diego
By ELLIOT SPAGAT / Associated Press / February 18, 2014
SAN DIEGO (AP) — A U.S. Border Patrol agent fatally shot a man Tuesday after the agent was struck in the head with a rock, authorities said, fueling debate over whether the agency overreacts to rock assaults by suspected smugglers and migrants.
The agent was trying to stop a group of people suspected of crossing the border illegally from Mexico when the man who threw the rock at the bottom a 75-foot ravine was shot, San Diego County sheriff’s Lt. Glenn Giannantonio said. The man was pronounced dead at the scene after first-aid efforts failed.
‘‘The easiest way to stop these incidents from happening is to stop attacking Border Patrol agents,’’ said Shawn Moran of the National Border Patrol Council.
Mexican Transportation Association Seeks $30 Billion In Arbitration Action Against United States
Published February 15, 2014
Published: Wednesday, 19 February 2014 18:43
The 14th Amendement needs to go ASAP!
WATCH: Illegal Alien Felon Makes a ‘Living’ Filing Hundreds of Frivolous Lawsuits
By Top Right News on February 19, 2014 in Border SecurityCrimeImmigrationPolitics
by Brian Hayes | Top Right News
Crack dealer, car thief, Social Security fraudster, ILLEGAL ALIEN.
Yet he is ‘making a living’ suing hundreds of small business owners under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Alfredo Garcia, who became paralyzed after getting drunk and falling out of an avocado tree, goes around all day – every day – looking for the most minor violations of ADA (or just filing false claims) in order to extort cash.
US opinion of Mexico drops to RECORD LOW under Obama
1:16 PM 02/19/2014
U.S. Post Office Offers Illegal Alien-Friendly Wire Transfer Service
By Top Right News on February 19, 2014 in Border SecurityImmigrationPolitics
Mexican criminals now kidnapping businessmen inside the U.S.
See also
California bill seeks to extend subsidized health care to illegal immigrants
3:12 PM 02/18/2014
February 18, 2014, 11:17 am
Reid: Obama should look at deportation powers
Texas Enforcing Voter ID Law Today – Despite DOJ Attack
Fake DVD investigation leads to immigrant stash house
Posted: 02.18.2014 at 3:17 PM
IMMIGRATION FIASCO: More Immigrants are Winning Deportation Cases Each Year Since 2009
Acting ICE Director Sandweg resigns after five months on the job
Illegal alien raped, strangled woman in front of her child in North Carolina
Virtual fence’ to block illegal immigrants proposed in Arizona
February 19, 2014
Illegal alien pleads guilty to fatal DUI in New Jersey
Mexican Cop Killer Executed in Texas Given Hero’s Burial in his Hometown


Susan Smith Nebraska The Vote Sollowin Update Res 399 The Ruthie Report

Please join Ruthie this week Thursday Feb 13th, 2014 8-10 pm CST
with GUEST: Susan Smith of the Nebraskans Advisory Group and The Susan Smith Show
Susan will join the program at 9 pm CST - links here and below to tune in.
As I prepare this announcement Fremont NE is voting again on renting and harboring illegal aliens specifically renting to illegal aliens
Prohibiting the hiring of illegal immigrants was not on the ballot it already passed legal challenges and is currently being enforced.
Susan and I will discuss the results and how the day progressed
Susan will share with Ruthie and listeners any updates on The illegal alien incarcerated for the murder of Louise Sollowin
And NE Legislative Resolution 399 - you will not believe what NE Legislators are approving
Nebraskans Advisory Group on Facebook
Susan Smith, born and raised in Omaha, Ne is Founder of Nebraskans Advisory Group a voluntary citizen based group who expose and oppose illegal immigration at the local, state and federal levels since 2006. NAG educates citizens and politicians on the negative impact of illegal immigration through legislative pubic hearings, participation in community debates and speaking out at every opportunity. You may follow Susan on facebook or through her website
6:00 pm PST - 8:00 pm CST - 9:00 pm EST

Call-in Number: 1-917-388-4520  
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News This Week

The crime continues to escalate - no one does anything but the continued pandering or sticking their heads……(up) into the sand. Now a home has been burnt to the ground apparently by the Gulf Cartel - A DA investigators home …. and unless you are really paying attention or live in the area - you have no clue because the main socialist media would rather talk about Justin B.
Meanwhile the USA invasion continues - crime continues to increase worse than it already is with the never-ending criminal and sexual deviants, human smugglers, drug dealers etc. returning again and again…. (hence a home burnt to the ground) and the border remains unsecured while our Representatives pushing amnesty - promise some year down the road to secure that unsecured border
From the article
RIO GRANDE CITY — A district attorney’s investigator’s home was burned to the ground early Tuesday morning — apparent retribution by the Gulf Cartel for recent drug busts, the Starr County district attorney said.
Starr DA: Investigator’s home torched by Gulf Cartel
Posted: Tuesday, February 11, 2014 5:46 pm
Posted on Feb 11, 2014
RIO GRANDE CITY — A district attorney’s investigator’s home was burned to the ground early Tuesday morning — apparent retribution by the Gulf Cartel for recent drug busts, the Starr County district attorney said.
Omar Escobar said Tuesday that his office will not be intimidated and back down from their cases following the apparent arson of a narcotics investigator’s home in retaliation to drug busts.
The Four in question are felons - all have previously been deported
Undocumented aliens launch hunger strike inside York County Immigration Center
Published: Feb 11 2014
Dem: GOP loses 2016 in ‘blowout’ without immigration vote
Lauren Schneiderman
Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) on Tuesday predicted that Republicans would fail to win back the White House in 2016 in a “blowout” unless they pass immigration legislation before then.
Ruthie says……………………..
Gutierrez - you are such a Dreamer and I am not talking the illegal deferred type
GOP objects to Obama administration easing immigration rules for terror supporters
Immigration groups turn to anger
2/10/14 10:46 PM EST Updated: 2/10/14 11:26 PM EST
Immigration reform advocates are done playing nice with House Republicans.
After holding their fire for years at the urging of the Obama administration, several immigration reform groups now plan to unleash their anger at the right.
NY to issue undocumented immigrants papers
Fast and Furious defendant gets 30 years in border agent’s killing
Published February 11, 2014
One Down…Eric Holder is Stepping Down
Illegal alien charged with raping infant in New Mexico
Baby raped, severely beaten by mother’s boyfriend…Youtube
Cartel hitman testifies to 800 murders, daily quotas at kingpin’s trial
Border Patrol busts numerous deported felons
Posted: Feb 10, 2014 6:56 PM CST Updated: Feb 10, 2014 7:25 PM CST
3 arrested after border tunnel bust
Posted: Feb 11, 2014 7:36 PM CST Updated: Feb 11, 2014 7:36 PM CST
NOGALES, AZ (Tucson News Now) -
Authorities arrested three suspects after shutting down the biggest drug tunnel ever found in Nogales Monday.
ICE’s Security Investigations also seized more than 640 pounds of marijuana and a half pound of heroin during the takedown, according to a news release.
The 481-foot tunnel runs between two private homes on either side of the border and has a sophisticated pathway, electric lighting and fans for air circulation.
Authorities charged 41-year-old Jose Solorzano-Flores, 41-year-old Jose Mario Armenta-Valdez and 22-year-old Jesus Alberto Ramirez-Valencia with drug conspiracy in a federal complaint. They went to U.S. District Court in Tucson Tuesday afternoon.
The Local ([email protected])
Norway Deports Record Number Of Muslims To Reduce Crime
August trial date set for man accused in Manhattan Heights rapes
Forced to have sex with 60 men a day and tattooed with the name of their pimps: Human trafficking victims tell of torture they suffered at hands of three brothers who ‘treated them like property’
Hundreds of skeletal remains were found in northern Mexico near the U.S. border during a recent search for missing persons, authorities said Monday.
NY: Afghan translator, family, arrested for welfare fraud, request interpreter!
Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 10, 2014
Here, first, is the simple, straightforward version of the story from WNYT Albany, NY.
Keep in mind that we have a special refugee program for translators (and others) from Afghanistan who supposedly helped the US called the Special Immigrant Visa. We don’t know if this is how the family of alleged welfare cheats got into the US, but we dolearn that Amirjan Hayatullah is still working for the US ARMY!

Mr Fleming Feb 6th The Ruthie Report

As you know the first Thursday of each month our Guest is Rusty Fleming
Please join Ruthie this week, Thursday Feb 6th, 2014 from  8-10 pm CST
Rusty will join the show at the top of the 9 O’clock hour
Rusty will provide on the scoop of what truly is the deal with Citizens
taking up arms in Mexico - Is this for real…Is it just rival Cartels…
If true as reported - what has been the cartel response not to mention
Is the Government of Mexico finally on Board…
This is important from a stand point of spill over cartel violence along the border.
Of course we will also discuss the latest political news on the proposed
CIR front and any news from Texas on another ‘On Their Own Securing The Border’
and all the additional information Rusty has to share.
6:00 pm PST - 8:00 pm CST - 9:00 pm EST
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News This Week

House Republicans Unveil Amnesty Plan
Last Thursday at their annual retreat, House Republican leadership released its proposal for amnesty legislation. (House GOP Immigration Principles) The two-page proposal, remarkably similar to the Senate Gang of Eight’s outline released ahead of their mass guest worker amnesty bill, is in the form of six principles to guide the GOP in fixing our “broken” immigration system. (Compare Senate Gang of Eight Outline)
The first component of the proposal is a large-scale amnesty for the 12 million illegal aliens currently in the United States. Under the plan, illegal aliens will be granted legal status if they “come forward” and “admit their culpability,” undergo “rigorous” background checks, pay “significant” fines and back taxes, learn English and civics, and be able to financially support themselves. (House GOP Immigration Principles) According to the outline, “[c]riminal aliens, gang members, and sex offenders” will be ineligible. The Gang of Eight made similar claims but it turned out they lied about criminal aliens and gang members not being eligible for amnesty as well as lied about the requirement to pay back taxes and learn English. Notably, the document makes no mention of ineligible illegal aliens being subject to deportation and even refers to illegal aliens as “Individuals Living Outside the Rule of Law,” which further demonstrates the pro-amnesty influence in drafting these principles.
In addition to this one-size-fits-all amnesty provision, the House GOP plan calls for a direct path to citizenship for illegal aliens allegedly brought to the U.S. as minors, or so-called “DREAMers.” In fact, Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) is reportedly crafting House leadership’s own version of the bill (along with Judiciary Chair Bob Goodlatte (R-VA)), known as the Kids Act, and although he has yet to release legislative language, the principles reveal that they will be granted citizenship through an expedited process that would only require them to graduate college or serve in the Armed Forces.
Regarding enforcement, the Republican plan only offers a generic goal of “securing our country’s borders, enforcing our laws, and implementing robust enforcement measures.” Interestingly, like the Senate bill, the workplace enforcement section does not specifically mention the proven E-Verify program, which raises the possibility of them gutting the existing program and developing a new one. Moreover, the plan declares that “[w]e must secure our borders now” but does not specifically call for any border fencing. The proposal also includes a cursory statement on implementing a biometric entry-exit system which has been required by law for over a decade.
In addition to granting amnesty and a generic nod to border and interior enforcement, the GOP plan also proposes to increase legal immigration. First, despite 20 million Americans being unemployed or underemployed, the principles remarkably claim that “[v]isa and green card allocations need to reflect the needs of employers” indicating that GOP Leadership prioritizes the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s desire for cheap foreign labor over the best interests of American workers. Second, the broad language appears to propose giving green cards to foreign graduates of U.S. universities in “high skilled fields,” even though they will compete directly with U.S. graduates. Finally, it appears that the plan will shift our green card system from a primarily family-based distribution to one that is more employment-based as well as repealing the green card lottery.
In sum, the House Republican immigration “principles” are noteworthy because they are virtually identical to core elements of the 1,200 page amnesty bill the Senate passed last year, despite the GOP document declaring that “we will not go to a conference with the Senate’s immigration bill.” (House GOP Immigration Principles) Additionally, the plan repeats the same mistakes of the 1986 amnesty. In the 1986 amnesty bill, Congress granted amnesty to illegal aliens and promised enforcement of the laws, yet the enforcement never came and the illegal alien population has since quadrupled. House Republican leadership, however, appears to be optimistic that their proposal will somehow work when others have failed. Just like Gang of Eight Senator Chuck Schumer said in 1986 when he spearheaded the last amnesty efforts, House GOP leaders promise that once their plan is implemented, “our immigration laws will indeed be enforced.” (Id.)
FAIR blasted the Republican principles for catering to special interests at the expense of the American worker. “The Republican principles call for illegal aliens to be allowed to ‘live legally and without fear in the U.S.’ of having the law enforced against them. This is clearly and undeniably amnesty. There is one way for illegal aliens to ‘get right with the law,’ and that is to obey the law,” charged Dan Stein, FAIR’s president. (FAIR Press Release, Jan. 30, 2014) “In short, the principles offered by the House leadership not only ignore the core interests of the American people, they willingly sacrifice those interests to satisfy the demands of powerful special interest groups.” (Id.)
Is this yet another ploy by our Representatives or are McConnell’s words true
Trust is not something that they have worked to instill
A watchful eye - determined activism - and a United Front
Eyeing a new majority, Senate Republicans are seeking to trample the immigration reform blueprint crafted by their counterparts in the House.
They are careful not to criticize the substance of the House GOP’s new set of principles by simply saying the chances of crafting a new immigration law this year are remote. Should amnesty.”
Guilty Verdict for Men Accused of Coast Guard Murder
United States Coast Guard
Posted: Wednesday, February 5, 2014 4:00 pm
More than a year after the death of a veteran Coast Guard officer near Santa Cruz Island, a Mexican national has been found guilty of second-degree murder and other federal charges in connection with the crime, according to the LA Times.
Jose Meija-Leyva, of Ensenada, Mexico, was found guilty Wednesday by a federal court and could face a maximum sentece of life in prison.
His accomplice in the attack, Manuel Beltran-Higuera, also of Ensanada, was convicted as an accessory after the fact and could face a maximum of 60 years in prison.
This deadly attack marked the first occurrence of a Coast Guard officer being killed in the line of duty in over 80 years. Chief Petty Officer Terrell Horne III was killed during a drug-smuggling investigation, when Meija-Leyva and Beltran-Higuera rammed an inflatable Coast Guard vessel holding Horne and three other officers with their fishing boat.
It is believed that the two men were supplying gasoline to other smugglers along the coast when the Coast Guard discovered them. They were later captured when they attempted to return to Mexico.
Meija-Leyva was convicted of seven counts in total. According to the U.S. attorney’s office, in addition to second-degree murder, he is guilty of assaulting federal officers with a deadly and dangerous weapon.
Sotomayor: Labeling Illegal Aliens as ‘Criminals’ Is ‘Insulting’
By Top Right News on February 4, 2014 in amnestyBorder SecurityCrimeImmigration
by John Urban |Top Right News
Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor said calling illegal aliens “criminals” is “insulting”.
Sotomayor, the nation’s first Hispanic justice, was asked at a talk at Yale Law School Monday about her use of the term “undocumented immigrants” rather than the traditional illegal alien. Sotomayor characterized the issue as a regulatory problem and said labeling immigrants criminals seemed insulting to her.
Administrators reverse ban on American celebration at high school
Todd’s American Dispatch
Published February 04, 2014
The Illegal Alien, The Family and The Verdict
A little injection of Reality Here …. Please
This illegal alien (19 years old) knew what had happened - proof is that the boyfriend (18 years old) did receive time for hiding evidence - Again - SHE KNEW- both Obama Dreamers!
Now we read she will serve no time - sentenced to probation and community service and her attorney is worried that the ILLEGAL ALIEN is in grave danger of being deported - Are you Kidding ME?
Apparently we are witnessing just a mere inconvenience in her life even though two little girls are forever gone. The inconvenience of someone who SHOULD NOT have been in the Country to begin with .
AND with all due respect to the family and their lose - Their “FORGIVENESS” makes me angry. They have the right to respond as they choose I suppose, however - just what is their reactions having on the rule of law and on OUR DEMANDS of enforcement and justice…. versus yet another (deadly) pass.
I wonder if the next loss of life …only within a Patriots Family - if they demanded justice and requested 15 years and deportation…would their pleas heard as well - OF COURSE NOT - justice would be water down to what some Judge claimed was the max he or she could do
If this Illegal Alien was an American would she just be walking away - You tell me.. I bet not - Justice is Blind right???? Just not where illegal aliens are concerned - They have FREE REIGN and we are paying the price - Ruthie
Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros, 19, was found guilty Jan. 15 on two counts of failure to perform the duties of a driver. She will be released from the Washington County Jail within 48 hours and taken into federal custody on an immigration hold. Her lawyer, Courtney Carter, said Garcia-Cisneros is in “grave danger of being deported.”
Forgiveness, no jail for woman who struck, killed girls in leaf pile
by Jeff Thompson and Nina Mehlhaf, KGW Staff
HILLSBORO, Ore. – The woman who killed two Forest Grove girls when she hit them with an SUV in October was sentenced to 3 years probation and 250 hours of community service in a courtroom packed with the victims’ emotional friends and family Fridaymorning.
NCFIRE has posted two new crime reports by suspected illegal aliens in N.C.

1. The first is the “Child Rapes by Suspected Illegal Aliens”. This report consists of individuals that have either been charged with child rape or have a court date for child rape in January. It contains 52 names that involve 198 separate charges of child rape.

You can view this report here:

2. The second report is the monthly “Crime Report by Suspected Illegal Aliens” for January. This report contains as many of the reported crimes by suspected illegal aliens in N.C. that we were able to obtain. Keep in mind, this is not all of the crimes being committed, it is just the ones that we could easily find by scanning newspaper, news media, police and sheriff’s websites in N.C.

You can view this report here:

The only way to put a stop to all of this, is to contact the members of the N.C. House and N.C. Senate and demand they enact and enforce immigration laws in N.C.

House members list:
Senate member list:

James Johnson
North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement
NCFIRE Hotline: 1-888-885-0879 (anonymous reporting)
Cops: Illegal alien raped teen at least 70 times, forced her to have an abortion
February 4, 2014
Illegal alien charged with Pa. woman’s murder, found in Mexico
Cops: Illegal alien ‘preys on women walking alone regardless of the time of day’
February 1, 2014