United Airlines Aiding and Abetting

You and I can pay for our airfare (outrage costs if you ask me) many times that include being treated like crap and assaulted by TSA, but an illegal alien who purposely and willing spit on our laws - enters illegally knowing the consequences but ignores them as well - get free rides, apparently (as reported) UNSECREENED - SERIOUSLY?

We The Law Abiding American Citizen - We The People….. continue to be bent over and forced to pay for illegal aliens, their children and the costs, financial and otherwise ONLY TO WATCH companies pandering (like the politicians) to the lawless.

How long before the consumers of these companies and the American Taxpayer via their taxes, have had enough and total chaos ensues?

President Trump and his Administration MUST get back to addressing illegal immigration, where illegal aliens are rewarded for their behavior and premeditated lawlessness - While the American Citizen gets the SHAFT!!!!!

United Airlines, the airline that famously dragged a paying passenger off a flight, stuffed a dog into an overhead compartment and killed it, and junked a priceless guitar in its baggage handlers’ tender care, has come up with a new one for us: free flights for unscreened illegals, sitting right there next to the paying passengers in those newly shrunken seats.
In the name virtue-signaling, of course, offering $3 million in free flights to people who have thumbed their noses at U.S. immigration law and can’t be bothered to apply for entry legally.
United Airlines, “Our company’s shared purpose is to connect people and unite the world — we are proud to support your work to help reunify immigrant children and families.”

Southwest too!!!

Would The President Really Do It?

Would the President – President Trump – actually, shut now the government for border security – real border security (finally) and THE WALL?  Also, the President weighs in on the illegal alien children.


President Trump on Twitter….

I would be willing to “shut down” government if the Democrats do not give us the votes for Border Security, which includes the Wall! Must get rid of Lottery, Catch & Release etc. and finally go to system of Immigration based on MERIT! We need great people coming into our Country!

8:13 AM - Jul 29, 2018



Heartbreaking Update - Officer Jobbers-Miller Passed Away

A heartbreaking update to an Officer shooting that I shared with you previously in the week.  Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller who police stated was in critical but stable condition, has passed away.
Links on his passing and from the previous post below.
RIP Officer Jobbers-Miller





Never - Not With My Tax-Paying Dollars

You have simply GOT TO BE….. Kidding Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
N E V E R !!!!!!!!! Not with my tax dollars!!!
Now the Progressive Socialist Democratic Party, actually have individuals calling for tax-paying Americans to pay ILLEGAL aliens who had their children, separated from them in the commission of their pre-meditated lawlessness. –
Do you believe this?!?!?!?!?!?
Summed Up – This pandering, pro illegal alien, anti-American, progressive, asinine IDIOT wants to force you and I to reimburse/compensate illegal aliens who put THEIR children in the position to be separated in the first place. You know… those that knowingly and willing spitting on our laws and involved ‘the Children’ in their criminal endeavors.
Will never happen….. NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just wondering when this illegal alien loving pandering politician will get around to reimbursing Americans separated from their children LAWFULLY - like say our Military families, hard working Americans whose jobs keep them away from their families etc.
Keep it up Crowley – You help the Pro-American agenda EVERYDAY!!!
Rep. Joe Crowley (D-N.Y.) believes illegal immigrants should receive financial compensation for their treatment after crossing the U.S. border — since children were separated from lawbreaking adults, as is customary in the U.S. He stated….. “In fact, I suggest they need to be compensated for what this administration did to them. The first form of compensation needs to be the full reunification of these families.”

In Remembrance - LOUISE SOLLOWIN

PLEASE Read and Remember !!!

Today marks the fifth year since the horrendous and violent beating, rape and murder of Louise Sollowin. She passed away five years ago. A 93 year innocent American violently and brutally taken/gone but passionately not forgotten.

We must NEVER Forget!

Summary: Louise went to bed like she did every night, feeling safe and secure, like we used to be able to do in this Country, only to be awaken by an intruder - a violent drunk illegal alien thug who enter her bedroom and began beating her, breaking her nose and the orbital bones around her eyes, blood EVERYWHERE!  He then removed her adult diaper and raped this poor innocent 93 year old victim. THEN… afterwards, this violent puke passed out on top of her, leaving her trapped under his weight. Louise was found by her daughter and authorities were called … the illegal arrested and Louise taken to the hospital - she surcame to her injuries and passed away four days later.

Louise, 93 years of age who has experienced so much in those 93 years - good and bad - only to leave this world laying in a hospital after being beaten, just pulverized and raped - simply put - BROKEN.  Broken at the hands of an drunk, angry, newly arrived, illegal alien!!!

Louise and so many other victims that would be with us today if only our laws were enforced instead of politicians using the LAWLESS crimes of illegal aliens as a bargaining voting tool.

With Tears of Sadness, In Remembrance of Louise - Louise Sollowin, and so many others that would be with us today, so preventable - but forgive gone!








Illegal Aliens Separating Themselves From Their Babies

So much for the Liberal, Snowflake and Crocodile Tears from politicians and illegals themselves on the separation of children for those caught in an illegal act.
Many of us have seen the video/clips of illegal aliens reunited with their ‘believed to be’ children - with the children looking less enthused by the reuniting.
And while this narrative of “Babies ripped from the arms of their parents” is pushed by democrat’s and those marching in the streets, seemingly applauded by enforcement of our laws, you know…. those working on behalf of illegal aliens vs Americans and the rule of law…. we read that DHS Secretary has had to make a statement telling the game playing parents not to SEPARATE THEMSELVES from their children.
You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!
DHS Nielsen Tells Migrants They Cannot Leave Their Children in the U.S. | Breitbart
The decisions by more than 100 migrants to separate themselves from their children is undermining the political claims by many progressives and Democrats that President Donald Trump is willfully separating families to frighten and deter migrants from crossing the border.

Democrat’s You Cannot Have It Both Ways

Democrat’s cannot have it both ways – is this what they support?

The Bottom-Line and A Question.

Bottom-Line: Had ICE (dem’s/socialists want to abolish) detained, arrested and then deported this illegal alien (who dem’s/socialists represent) from Peru who should have never been in the Country to begin with… then, four women (that we know of) would not have been raped, reportedly by him and a foreign object, (sick).

Question:  Dem’s and Socialists, tell us and these women……. are these women, just acceptable human collateral for your voter rolls and open border schemes?

Just who is it you represent and work for anyways? Explain it to us and to these women.



‘Rideshare Rapist’ suspect was in the US illegally, authorities say.

What Does the Democratic Party Stand For Anymore

What does the Democratic Party stand for anymore besides working on behalf of illegal aliens, open borders, foreigners over their fellow citizens and resistance to the Man WE ELECTED PRESIDENT? Anyone have a clue?

The House GOP passed a non-binding resolution expressing support for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, (ICE), Democrat’s instead, continue to play games. The resolution passed 244 to 35 with 133 voting present.

As the asinine games continue – just last month, in an overview, Border Patrol and Special agents with ICE - Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) arrested 18 alien smugglers and seized cash, vehicles and more than 1,000 lbs. of marijuana in a joint effort. Additionally, agents arrested 117 illegal aliens.

Link Below.

Apparently, the Democrat’s/Open Borders/Socialists have no problems representing drug and human smugglers, criminals, child predators and illegal aliens living in our communities…. Their Anti-American efforts must be soundly defeated in the upcoming elections.