Possible Solution for the President with 1,500 Families Headed Our Way

A POSSIBLE SOLUTION for President Trump on the illegal alien/game playing caravan of 1,500 families plus heading to our border - What do you think?

Not what I would suggest or do but, then the President then would be addressing their claims and Mexico could continue to help all these families - there in Mexico. (a solution besides the more perm. solutions I am seeing posted and reading online).

Of course - it should be simply shutdown, but, if the President feels the need to deal with these game playing illegals - this may be a solution.

Something Different
NO ADMITTANCE until verified. - DO NOT LET THEM IN and then verify - instead verify first then go from there. This would in essence stop this lawless asinine insanity and national security threat.

PROPOSAL: Take the first family’s information in line ‘IN MEXICO’ at our southern border. Inform the remainder in line, the additional 1,499 families plus, that their requests will be reviewed once the first family’s request has been addressed and verified - no verification - no admittance.

Let them know it could takes weeks to review their claim of political asylum because, as they know, the U.S. government is so busy dealing with previous game playing requests and illegal aliens.

Inform Them… that in the meantime - they could wait at the border in Mexico (Mexico is more than willing to help - right?) or file paperwork and return home.
Just an idea besides complacency in this INVASION!!!



Make Noise Stop This Advertised INVASION!!!!!

IMPORTANT - Please review. This must not happen - MAKE NOISE, LOTS OF IT.

This is what a JOKE our National Security, Immigration and Refugee Laws are and how they are viewed as around the world. Now, they are not sneaking in - instead they are coming in packs and ADVERTISING IT!!!!!Telling us “Hey, we are on our way - 1,500 families strong - (growing everyday) to SPIT ON YOUR LAWS, SECURITY, and SOVEREIGNTY and we are going to play the refugee game and demand that you take us in, feed us, clothe us, etc.

That’s right Folks - they are coming, playing the “Political Refugee Status’ game making a mockery of Us and Our LAWS.
Refugee status - so no screening of any consequence, just take down our info and cut us loose. And if not cut loose - We The People will still be raped of our hard earned dollars to care for them in some camp. Meanwhile homeless hungry Americans are of little consequence.
Mexico, of course, is aiding them in their attempts - just as long as they continuing moving to the U.S. southern border. Mexico’s response would be different if they decided to stay in Mexico”.

Who is in this so called caravan? And, if this caravan is successful - who wouldn’t form a caravan and play the same game?
Is it people fleeing their own homeland because…(feel free to quote me) THEIR GOVERNMENT IS SUCH EPIC AND UTTER FAILURES?
In this pack are their MS-13 members, maybe a few North Koreans or Russians have slipped in as well. And, what an opportunity for terrorists to blend and walk right in. Terrorists must be thinking ‘Gee, all we have to do is fly into Mexico (who will help us) and then walk right in claiming refugee status - easy peasy!!!!!!!!

President Trump, ICE, DHS, DOJ, CBP, Border Patrol - SOMEONE/ANYONE… STOP THIS advertisied INVASION!!! This is where the rubber meets the road!
STOP THIS LAWLESSNESS NOW - send a message to this caravan and the next (already forming) that this will not work….TURN THEM AROUND NOW and BUILD THE DAMN WALL.

Tell them to play their refugee games in MEXICO!!! see how that works for them.
Clearly an invasion in play and a NATIONAL SECURITY R I S K !!!!!
Contact Our Government - DEMAND this STOP!
PS Just where is the msm on this?



“The turnout surprised all of us,” Rodrigo Abeja, a Mexico-based organizer with Pueblo Sin Fronteras, the immigrant rights group behind the caravan, told Splinter. Abeja said the group’s most recent caravans last year only had about 450 migrants.


Enough - You Tell Me !!!


If I were to commit a crime and begged for no enforcement of any real consequence - after running to some church asking for “SANCTUARY” and then asked YOU and hundreds of the FELLOW PATRIOTS to march up and down the street with signs saying “Leave Ruthie alone” or “Stop criminalizing Ruthie” etc. - AM I FREE and GIVEN A PASS?

Can I ignore some law and expect all is good if we just get ‘IN YOUR FACE’ and play the games?

No! - law enforcement would be all over my American born rear end. The Church would not give me cover and justice would be served….. So why is it that this ILLEGAL ALIEN FOREIGNER and the living large illegal alien daddy - have escaped justice? YOU TELL ME!

Time this ‘Church Sanctuary’ B.S. goes down in flames, just like State and City sanctuary lawless actions, positions and pandering.

She is begging to stay, of course IN SPANISH here 13 years and still REFUSES to speak English….  She was caught by Border Patrol in 2005 but thanks to Obama was making regular check in’s…the check in’s are done and she was told to deport.

Instead she is hiding in yet, another church with her 15-month-old daughter, Camille. Her 10-year-old son, Daniel, will live with Dad (birth father?) who is also an ILLEGAL ALIEN. -

Two illegal alien parents and two anchor babies.

We DO NOT need comp. immigration reform - we need to ENFORCE THE LAWS





Pregnant or not, they are ILLEGALLY in the Country and should be treated as such….

Just another anchor baby in the pipeline.

Thank You President Trump!

And to You - Obama - Thanks for NOTHING but lawlessness for illegal aliens against what is ‘the law’ and best for the Country and it’s LEGAL citizenry. The article states ‘The move is the latest effort to scrap immigration policies created in the final two years of Barack Obama’s administration’.

What needs to happen is that they are turned around at the border for illegal entry…

NO MORE GAMES!!! Perhaps President Trump could next tackle BIRTHRIGHT Citizenship.



From the article…SAN DIEGO (AP) — The Trump administration said Thursday that it ended special considerations to generally release pregnant women charged with being in the United States illegally while their cases wind through immigration court.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said it scrapped a policy that took effect in August 2016 that pregnant women should be released unless they met limited criteria that required them to be held by law, such as serious criminal histories, or if there were “extraordinary circumstances.”

The new policy, which took effect in December but wasn’t announced until Thursday, gives no blanket special consideration to pregnancy, though the agency says each case will be reviewed individually and women in their third trimester will generally be released.



Serious prison time and (seeing it is not stated how SHE GOT HERE) then deportation to a Country of her choosing.

And for those playing the asylum games - demand your Country, your Government take care of you instead.





Good News All The Way Around in These Three Items!

THE GOOD NEWS - The Mayor is all over this.
Yet Another Illegal hiding in a church who defied an order from ICE to board a plane to Lima, Peru, on Tuesday.

In an email posted on the city’s website, Springfield MA Mayor Domenic J. Sarno instructed city officials to re-inspect the church for “illegal housing aspects” and to “review the process to strip them of their tax exemption status.”

Illegal alien Gisella Collazo says she’s been made to feel like a common criminal (that’s because SHE IS).

“I think it’s unfair, especially for people like me, who come to this country for a better future and come here to work,” said Collazo, speaking in Spanish with the help of an interpreter.
SHE SAID IN SPANISH - Here 17 years ILLEGALLY and she cannot figure it out.

Of course, to ensure she received an unlawful pass she had two children all the while knowning she was in the Country ILLEGALLY!!!

See Ya!

Going after the outrageous benefits paid out - FINALLY!!!
Go Trump Go!

This includes ITIN’s benefits, Healthcare subsidizes etc. and would apply to those seeking immigration visas, or legal permanent residency, such as a foreigner with an expiring work visa, and ….. illegal alien DACA’s.

Illegals are not suppose to be getting any benefits (but are) are not directly affected, but you can bet, if this is implemented - the Welfare and Benefits abuse by illegals will be hampered as well.

WASHINGTON – Immigrants who accept almost any form of welfare or public benefit, even popular tax deductions, could be denied legal U.S. residency under a proposal awaiting approval by the Trump administration.
Current rules penalize immigrants who receive cash welfare payments, considering them a “public charge.” But the proposed changes from the Department of Homeland Security would widen the government’s definition of benefits to include the widely used Earned Income Tax Credit as well as health insurance subsidies and other “non-cash public benefits.”
The changes would apply to those seeking immigration visas, or legal permanent residency, such as a foreigner with an expiring work visa. While it would make little difference to those living illegally in the shadows, it could affect immigrants protected by the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program – whose termination has been blocked by federal courts – if they attempt to file for full legal residency.


YES!!! - Do it Sessions…. DO IT!!!!!

A return possibily to law and order in our Judicial System regarding Deportations!

PLEASE, consider contacting Sessions and show your support - Sessions (and others) need to HEAR SUPPORT for these actions - not just from those pandering to the illegals.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is considering overruling the judges.
One practice that’s particularly infuriating to Sessions and other immigration hardliners is called administrative closure. It allows judges to put deportation proceedings on hold indefinitely.
Sessions is using his authority over the immigration court system to review a number of judicial decisions. If he overturns those decisions, thousands of other cases could be affected. In this way, he is expected to end administrative closure, or scale it back.



The Census Citizenship Question
Of Course, there are many reasons the Progressive Left do not want this included.

Of the many reasons, it could be the redistricting or zoning, it could be financial gain here and there, it could be certain politicians that need to appear to keep the pandering going, it could be just to combat President Trump or it could be that We The People would know just how out of hand this INVASION is.

Or it could be ELECTIONS!
Can you imagine if the census said that there were 40,000 legal registered voters in a particular county but election results show 50,000 voted?

Tom Perez, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, calls it voter suppression - voter suppression of WHO?….I ask?

Should anyone who can spit on our laws and enter by hook or by crook ex: illegal aliens, refugees, terrorist - the taliban or ISIS, should they also get to weigh in on our Country, it’s policies, National Security issues? Who’s vote would be suppressed if asked if they are or are not A CITIZEN?

The Progressive left pro illegal/pro refugee stance is not what the majority of Americans want and they know it, look at the 2016 election results.

and WE THE PEOPLE have every right to demand answers.

Good news is: Commerce Department Secretary Wilbur Ross said the question will now be on the universal form.
“I find that the need for accurate citizenship data and the limited burden that the reinstatement of the citizenship question would impose outweighs fears about a potentially lower response rate,” Mr. Ross wrote in a memo about the decision.

Holder - please sit down and shut up!


Do not ask me why we really need to have another law to turn around illegal aliens - seems like border enforcement to me,
this one by Sen. Inhofe has a TWIST to it - those notorious pending court dates. It would end catch and release.

Sen. Jim Inhofe, Okla. says he plans to introduce legislation in the next three weeks that would allow immigration agents to send those caught illegally crossing the border back home.
“This merely says if they’re caught in the country, send them back to their country while they wait for the court date,” he said.

Those opposing the legislation…
They say: it would be a financial burden to require them to make a trip back for a court hearing….
I say - EXACTLY!!!

They say: “What guarantees do we have that they they’ll be allowed to come back for their court date?”
I say: Sure let them return for their court dates, fine them for breaking the law and then send them home again. Pays for the court process.

They say: This suggestion is absurd, illogical and cruel – not to mention a waste of resources,”
I say: Illegal entry is AGAINST THE LAW, a fact they seem to ignore and WHAT RESOURCES - are you kidding?!?!? Just think of all the money - the saving resources - WE WILL SAVE, not housing, clothing, feeding them etc.

Will this see traction? I wish it would, but we all know how things work in Washington


School Safety - REALLY?
Maybe screening for immigration status WOULD HELP!!!!!

A former school secretary - an ILLEGAL ALIEN - with a gun and a phone.

Yes!!! you read that right - she was a school secretary - she now faces new charges on top of those she is already serving time for.

Illegal alien - Claudia Rodriguez-Oviedo, has been indicted for unlawful possession of a firearm by an alien illegally in the United States (funny how they word that - isn’t it…NOT)

She is currently serving a ONE YEAR sentence for calling in a fake bomb threat to a school in Pratt, KS.

She was a secretary at Southwest Elementary School and made the call because…..“she wanted to see what it felt like.”

School Safety - Really?



Where Is The Wall It’s Too Late For Amy Hawkins

Where is the Wall? We need it NOW!
Unfortunately, it’s too late for Amy Hawkins.

A drunk illegal alien,
previously deported twice, (they come and go at will)
who was in the possession of a stolen gun,
and has at least seven aliases

STRUCK AND KILLED 48-year-old Amy Hawkins while she was riding her bike.

He fled the scene and was arrested at a local shopping center. Jose Luis Alonso-De Leon is being held on a $500,000 bond.



Man charged in deadly Fairhope hit and run is illegal immigrant who was deported twice

We Simply Cannot Afford Another Lawless Amnesty

We simply cannot afford to grant another lawless pandering amnesty.
Why aren’t their Countries, their Governments, their fellow citizens taking care of their own instead of putting it on the U.S. Taxpayer?

Steven Kopitis concludes
“U.S. taxpayers may be better off providing migrants permanent residency sooner, as it would allow a greater period of time for them to pay into Social Security and Medicare before their retirement,”.

I conclude……
NO NO NO, I wonder why it is we just do not enforce our laws!
There is a legal way to enter the United States that would help us ensure we allow admittance that we can absorb and screened. A lawful system versus an illegal alien one.


From the article…
With the costs of illegal immigration already at $135 billion, according to a recent report, the retirement bill is likely to add far more, bringing the tab to $2 trillion.
“Do the math, and six million long-term undocumented residents translates into roughly $2 trillion of government benefits over the balance of their lives, some of which will be offset by Social Security and Medicare taxes paid. It is a steep bill,” said Steven Kopits, president of Princeton Policy Advisors in Pennington, N.J.