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Tennessee Candidate for U.S. Senate

Brenda Lenard from the Volunteer State of Tennessee is just such a standard bearer for our American ideals and guiding principles. Bound by the grip of a never ending hope, a belief in brighter tomorrows, of a glorious city upon a hilltop and in a land where liberty and the rule of law are equally applied to all men and to all women, regardless of name, stature or position.
America is exceptional due to the Rule of Law, guaranteed by our Constitution
Immigration laws do not need to be reformed, they need to be enforced
As a diverse people we are united in a common heritage, the love of liberty
Legal immigration is the weave and tapestry of our national character
Recourse for illegal immigrants, employers and politicians who seek to cheapen the currency of our American citizenship
With this stance the promise of freedom for our citizens and future legal immigrants can remain intact
Allow me the luxury of being crystal clear on the matter of immigration: the system does not need to be reformed; the laws on the books need to be enforced.
America is a nation woven of people from around the world. The tapestry of our diversity, when united under the banner of the Stars and Stripes, in liberty and freedom, expressed by the rule of law, has made us the greatest nation this world has ever known.
However, there are those in Washington, including the current administration, who would seek to cheapen not only the currency of what it means to actually hold American citizenship, but would also denigrate the sacrifice of the teeming millions who ventured legally to our nation for a chance at a better life.
Our nation stands strong on the foundation of its Constitution and it is fully functional by what is simply known as “the rule of law.” When our federal government does not live up to its Constitutional duty in securing our borders and when politicians play games with the cornerstone of our society, the rule of law for which our forebears worked, fought and died hangs in a most perilous balance.
Immigrants, throughout the course of our history, have always come to America to seek out something that is better, something that speaks to their hearts, as we are all created. To live with liberty and pursue personal ambitions and to be governed in a land where all men are created equal in the sight of God and will be treated as such under the laws of that land.
This is why we the people must demand from the federal government that our laws be enforced, that our borders be secured and that the American dream for those who wish to pursue same, through legal immigration, be made available and preserved for all time.
Furthermore, there must be recourse for those who weaken our Republic by disregarding our laws and by chipping away at our framework of our nation’s stability. Whether those individuals be illegal aliens, who must face deportation, or people who have overstayed their Visas, who must face immediate deportation and refused entry into our nation for a period of no less than 10 years.
We, as a nation, must mandate the E-Verify be used by every employer (profit, non-profit, not-for-profit, private sector, government, government contractors, et cetera) to ensure those people whom they are seeking to hire are legal and eligible for work in this country. We must, as a nation, invoke harsh penalties for those organizations who seek to not act as good American citizens themselves by using this simple, accessible and free tool.
Also, we must secure our borders in two ways: 1) a combination of virtual and physical barriers which make human smuggling virtually impossible; 2) full support of our Border Patrol Agents and other cooperating agencies by giving them clear Rules of Engagement. It would read something to this effect, “protect the sovereign borders of these United States of America, by any means necessary, suppress, arrest and detain those who would seek to weaken our standing as a nation of free people.”
If we, as a people of varied backgrounds, races and cultures, united under the banner of the Stars and Stripes; if we do not require our government to enforce this singular part of our Constitution, we not only place in jeopardy our future, but also we will dampen the hearts of those who seek to legally come to our shores and not only share in the prosperity of our society, but to contribute handsomely to it.
Let us stand one, let us stand all, as those who seek a better future for our citizens, present and future. Let us work in the shadow of our common heritage, joined in our love of liberty and the rule of law, so that we may be a light to the world. Let us beckon still to those whose hearts of huddle masses, to a teeming shore come, yearning to breathe free.
For those who seek to weaken our nation by not abiding her laws and coming here illegally or by overstaying their VISAS, there can be no compromise on the matter, deportation and suspension of the luxury of entering our nation for a period of no less than 10 years.
In terms of employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants, the penalties must be strong and must be convincing. That employer documentation complete, showing they performed their due diligence in the screening process of all employees. Should there be a violation, well, it should make an OSHA inspection look like a day at the beach.
Last but not least, those who seek to undermine our national sense of justice by fundamentally transforming us into a banana republic; vote them out of office and make your voices heard on this fundamental issue.
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News This Week

Sure he is - Ruthie
Obama Planned Underage Invasion of America in January—Asked for Bids for Nannies for 65,000
June 22, 2014 By Stephen Frank
DHS Sec. Admits Unaccompanied Minors Being Reunited With Illegal Immigrant Families
Doctors Warn of Looming Health Crisis Due to Flood of Young Illegal Immigrants
Homeland Security Sec: Feds Screening Illegals for ‘Contagious Diseases’
AND THIS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Swine Flu Confirmed at Shelter for Unaccompanied Minors
So basically we are ignoring the Rule of Law and allowing the Nation to be flooded with illegal aliens - whose care we will be forced to pay for right? Sorry - cold soundings or not - enforce the law and start the deportations - do not pander to foreigners - now our illegal aliens and demand the American and Law Abiding Taxpayers ignore the lawlessness and pay for it - ENOUGH.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chelsea Schools Overwhelmed By Sudden Influx Of Immigrant Students
This from 10 News
And this
From Texans For Arizona New Immigration Law and Breitbart.Com
People have FINALLY had enough of this BS. Over 1,000 people in Virginia bulldozed DHS at a community meeting last week when attempting to turn a college into an illegal alien orphanage. Now Escondido, CA residents say NO.
ESCONDIDO, California–Tensions ran high as an estimated 500 people packed Escondido City Hall, flowing into the foyer and courtyard, for a planning meeting Tuesday night to voice their opinions on a proposed 96-person, illegal alien youth detention facility.
A source present at the meeting reported that the facility proposed to house children from the ages of six to seventeen, but would likely house mainly those in their early teens, based on statements made during the meeting. The public voiced concern over giving up local control of the property to federal authority. Significant reduction in value of properties located near the facility was another concern of Escondido residents.
One local woman made a statement that an illegal alien had killed her child. Safety for those in the area is another main issue cited in opposing the project.
ICE Removal Operations Director Confirms: Years Before Illegals Have Cases Heard
Homeland Security Seeks Thousands Of Pairs Of Underwear For Detained Immigrants
June 24, 2014 10:05 AM
Murder Suspects, Sex Offenders, and MS-13 Gangster Caught at Texas Border
Support Amnesty? Wait Until You Learn What Happens To Mexican Gangbangers On U.S. Soil
“We know they are all over the U.S.”
B. Christopher Agee — June 20, 2014
Mexican Thugs
Suspect in Deadly Hit-and-Run of a Creighton Doctor Appears in Court Wednesday
Man facing charges following crash that killed 4 people at Alief intersection
by Jacqueline Crea and Kevin Reece / KHOU 11 News
UNREAL: Texas Ranchers Under Attack at Border by Illegals
Police: Illegal immigrant threatened to kill, sexual assaulted Washington teen

Texas Under Seige Imperative Ruthie Report with Texas Border Volunteers


Please join Ruthie this Thursday June 19th - 8 to 10 pm CST with Guest Jim Gibson of the TBV = Texas Border Volunteers
Jim Gibson will join the show at the top of the 9 O’Clock hour
Texas Border Volunteers
TEXAS IS UNDER SEIGE and it is spreading throughout the Nation
Mass illegal immigration is and continues to flood Texas resulting in the transportation of illegal aliens to other states or simply cut loose
JIM WILL SHARE WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING - not just what the MSM wants us to hear
This current INVASION not only involves Mexicans but those from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras etc
No ones really knows who and from where are entering illegally at our southern border
And while the media continues to try and paint a picture of little children - the facts speak for themselves
Women Children, Men and suspected Terrorists are flooding our border
- some jet skiing in with others purposely being detained knowing nothing will happen but a free ride to a shelter
And of course, drug cartels are busy knowing our agents are busy - forced to play babysitter rather than their duties
The word is out in Central America - get across the US Border and you are home free
So if we know this - why is nothing being done to stop it?
The TBV is asking for our help demanding that actions be taken immediately
Please tune in to hear what is really transpiring in Texas - how demoralized the Border Agents are
What is happening on the ground there in the form of enforcement and where is our Elected Officials?

News This Week

Perry: Record Numbers from Terror Hot Beds Illegally Crossing Texas-Mexico Border
Iraqi Extremists Promising Attack Could Slip Through Mexican Border
June 18, 2014 8:19 AM
SOUTH TEXAS (KRLD) – There are concerns that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria — an extremist group that has already captured several large cities in Iraq and is bearing down on Baghdad — could be responsible for the next 9/11 style terror plot on U.S. soil.
Posted by Texans For Arizona’s New Immigration Law
**Notice these stories are not saying “unaccompanied children” anymore? That’s because it’s EVERYBODY now.
From the article:
Border Patrol agents took 252 immigrants present in the US illegally into custody.
The immigrants were caught downriver from Anzalduas Bridge in Granjeño.
They were caught on Wednesday, June 18 around 7:30 in the morning.
Granjeño, which has a population of about 300 people, is an area commonly used to enter the US illegally.
Illegal Immigrants Intentionally Surrendering to Border Patrol to Gain Entry to US
( – Rep. Matt Salmon (R-Ariz.) said on Tuesday that President Barack Obama’s claim that no members of the U.S. military are “left behind” does not seem to hold true for Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, the Marine arrested by Mexican authorities on April 1 on weapons charges.
New York Dem: It’s time to give the vote to illegal aliens
By Rick Moran
Obama Uses Tax Dollars to Hire Attorneys to Aid Illegal Immigrants
Group of illegal aliens to be honored at White House ceremony
ICE shipping planeloads of illegal immigrants to Massachusetts
Senate to provide $1.9B for rise in child migrants
The Brat Effect: Hillary Says “Send Them Back”
By Steve Sailer on June 17, 2014
New Use-of-Force Restrictions Placed on Border Patrol Agents
Obama to Border Patrol: Don’t discuss illegal alien children with media
Arizona Republicans threaten action over immigration
One illegal alien waged his own ‘war on women’ in Massachusetts
Illegal alien molested 8-year-old girl in front of her sister
Illegal alien killed 5-year-old boy in Kentucky

News This Week

Some News and NO The Ruthie Report this week and here is why……..
There will be no live episode of The Ruthie Report this Thursday June 12th
Ruthie will return on June 19th - 8 to 10 pm CST
Although The Ruthie Report airs religiously every Thursday - there are a LIMITED circumstances that would cancel a show - one really good reason ………. GRANDBABIES!!!
We have two grandchild ages 1 and 3 that we only get to see one week or so each year due to the distance that they live from us. This is the week that we have and they are HERE!!!
Amazing how much time, energy and wonderful attention two little precious tots takes.
I look at their faces and see why we are fighting so hard - not only for ourselves but for their future as well
Below is some of this weeks news
In advance - thank you for your understanding
Rick Oltman you are exactly right - this is a subject within this invasion that Obamnesty does not want to address EITHER - just how is it that thousands upon thousands of children are able to cross that danger drug cartel/human smuggling border safely - they are not. How are they going to live here in setting reminiscent of the concentration camp of yesterday - they are not. And, what of the disease -not to mention the crime - that will be rampant - how will that work out? And, when We The People demand it be addressed with the rule of law - we will be the ones slammed- not the real culprit = OBAMA - for allowing this treason and invasion to take place in the first place
“”””WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?! - Who is the Governor of Arizona??? DHS or Brewer…. sorry folks - I have utmost respect for Jan Brewer but enough is enough - She is the Governor - and should immediately address the invasion of AZ by any means necessary - I agree with Michael - why are they being dumped in AZ instead of DC or better yet south of our border from where they came?
“””How smart these kids are to decide and make it all the way thru another Country just to get to the USA - —— WHAT THAT MEANS IS……. they were smart enough to get here - they are smart enough to get back
Wasn’t it Michelle Obama who was just discussing the HUNGRY American Children and how we need to step up to the plate for them???? You are right Rose …. what about our children, what about the homeless individuals and American families, what about our veterans and a………… MESSAGE TO THOSE living in gang infested - crime ridden - run down housing projects across this Country - to those with no other choice or sitting there waiting for Obamnesty to be your answer to all your desires……………… Guess help is not on its way - instead Obamnesty is focused on bringing in more people lawlessly to help - meaning the funds are GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ruthie
Lawlessness and TREASON

June 5th Rusty Fleming on Texas Invasion at The Ruthie Report

Listen Here:

Please join Ruthie This week… Thursday June 5th from 8-10 pm CST
News 8-8:30 *** Criminally and/or Insane 8:30-9 *** Guest 9-10 pm
Rusty Fleming is the Public Onformation Officer for Hudspeth County in Texas - I will be asking Rusty to share with us what he is seeing on the ground in Hudspeth County and throughout Texas:
What - if anything - is being done about the invasion in Texas taking place and where are the Texas elected officials like Gov. Perry or Ted Cruz etc.
I will also discuss with Rusty what this LAWLESS OPEN BORDERS insanity means within the drug cartel circuit - seeing many are not utilizing the cartels or coyotes for smuggling and entry seeing they can just walk up to the fence and enter at will - how is this impacting the cartel bottom profit lines - and much more
I WILL ALSO SHARE MY THOUGHTS on why I think this current influx is transpiring without any resistance from those we elected to represent We The People and this great Nation.
Don’t Want To Miss It Folks
Rusty Bio……………………….
Gary A. “Rusty” Fleming Jr.
Public Information Officer

Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Office

Gary A. “Rusty” Fleming Jr.-
Award winning producer, director, author and consultant for 25 years, Rusty started his multi-media company to produce corporate industrial films, commercials and news segments.
Rusty is recognized by national media and law enforcement agencies as an expert on border security and the Mexican drug cartels. In addition to producing news documentaries for several U.S. networks, he has produced multiple episodes of Gangland for The History Channel.
Rusty is currently developing two documentary projects related to the drug cartels and other organized crime syndicates operating in Mexico and the U.S
6:00 pm PST - 8:00 pm CST - 9:00 pm EST

Call-in Number: 1-917-388-4520 
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News This Week

TEXAS BORDER VOLUNTEERS NEED OUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Texas Border Volunteers
Please share this plea for a public outcry.
Momentum is needed to put pressure on our politicians to secure the Texas border not only for Texans but for the entire Country.
Whatever we have been doing in the past is not working and has failed miserably. We the citizens of Texas and the United States of America need to change it. And the only way we can do this is to make a public outcry.
We have been weak in the past and have handcuffed ourselves. Drastic and immediate measures need to be taken, NOW!
Talking Points
• Over 3000 Illegals per month are apprehended in Brooks Co. This County is 65 miles north of the border! It is estimated by Agents on the ground that 400-500 individuals are criminally trespassing into Brooks Co. every 24 hour period.
•Overcrowding? This has been addressed by releasing women/ children that meet certain criteria (family member in USA, non-criminal history, etc.) This has only inflamed illegal immigration and has become another magnet. Hundreds of women and children every 24 hours are now openly crossing the border with the hopes of being released.
•These individuals that have entered into our Country illegal are being released without a health screening. There is absolutely no screening for diseases such as Tuberculosis or other health issues before being released.
•Assault on agents along the Rio Grande River and 65 miles north in Brooks Co. have increased. The criminal element in these groups has elevated. Illegal immigrants from El Salvador are notorious for fighting with and assaulting agents. El Salvador is one of the top OTM(Other Than Mexican)Country in the area.
•All Border Patrol stations in the RGV and Laredo sectors are overwhelmed. Border Patrol agents are processing rather than protecting and defending our borders.
•A recent report states that 148,000 illegal immigrants (aliens) have been apprehended in the Rio Grande Valley Sector (Fiscal Year).
Immediate Solutions
•Send Texas Dept. of Public Safety/Texas Rangers to secure the area IMMEDIATELY. They can and may address the criminal aspect of an unsecure border. They have the manpower, training, knowledge to work with Border Patrol but need the funding. We as citizens of the state of Texas and of the nation are asking for their assistance. DPS needs to work not with sporadic operations but 24/7 all year round. Give them the equipment and funds to do so! (National Guard individuals are not motivated and are not given the authority to apprehend criminals)
•Use of Federal property for housing Illegal immigrants (aliens) to relieve overcrowding and eliminate the capture and release program immediately. Example: Moore Air Force Base is 14 miles northwest of Mission, TX.
•Use of tents and porta potties for sheltering these “non-threatening illegals” in parking lots of BP stations. Areas that contain Border Patrol vehicles are already secured with high fence and security cameras. This is temporary but an immediate fix. BP vehicles can be parked outside the complex and watched.
Long term solutions needed
•Legislation is needed for peace officers to openly enforce immigration laws
•No time limitations on holding illegals for processing.
•DPS needs more assets to secure Texas(helis, planes, vehicles and manpower)
•Heavily fine and imprison employers of illegal immigrants(aliens)
•Better scrutiny of applicants and reform social services such as Welfare
•Reform of “anchor” baby loophole
Please call or email these selected individuals. Please be polite, use our talking points and add our pliable and direct solutions. Call or email your own Texas Senator or Representative.
Contact numbers
Rep. Michael McCaul (202) 225-2401
Remember, come November which politicians attempted to secure the border and which ones did nothing or not enough. You have one vote…use it wisely.
The State of Texas must protect her borders and protect Texans! By doing so, the rest of the nation will benefit.
Buses dropping off scores of immigrants in Arizona
Allison Rodriguez
10:06 PM, May 30, 2014
Why Arizona??? Why not New Mexico or California - is this retaliation against Brewer for standing up and being heard with SB 1070 - When is Brewer going to have had enough and start arresting illegal aliens - that would take care of the problem …for AZ anyways - they would flee to another state …. AND Is this LAWLESS and TREASONOUS open border welcome mat - ever going to be closed or is half the world heading this way? Funny all those filling us with broken promises and empty lies - that WE MUST SECURE THE BORDER….. seem to be no where to be found now…… not now while our Country is being invaded and destroyed - Ruthie
BREAKING: Border Patrol Sector to Release 500 Illegal Aliens Per Week into US
Obama: Child migrants ‘urgent humanitarian’ issue
Obama calls spike in unaccompanied children crossing US border ‘urgent humanitarian situation’
Brewer rips feds for sending illegal immigrants to AZ from Texas
To see Brewer’s letter to the Obama Administration go to:
Navy Bases In California And Texas Getting Ready To Shelter Hundreds Of Migrant Kids
Published June 04, 2014
Texas GOP Vote
Who Is Responsible For The Immigration Wedge In The Republican Party? - See more at:
Poll: 61% Disapprove of Obama on Illegal Immigration
Texas City Ends Court Battle Over Law Against Undocumented Immigrants Renting Property
Once every month, James Johnson, the President of NCFIRE (North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement) sends me an email that always reads the same. And each month I get sick to my stomach when reading the email.
NCFIRE tracks the cases in which illegal aliens rape children in his home state. For the month of May, there are 73 confirmed and highly probable illegal aliens representing 299 charges of rape against NC children!
All of these individuals have a court date scheduled for, or were arrested for, child rape in May. Many of them with multiple charges, meaning, they raped more than one child or raped one child multiple times.
This is the 7th month in a row NCFIRE has compiled the monthly child rape cases.
Nov. 2013- 87 individuals, 350+ charges
Dec. 2013- 89 individuals, 350+ charges
Jan. 2014- 52 individuals, 250+ charges
Feb.2014- 34 individuals, 150+ charges
Mar. 2014- 82 individuals, 250+ charges
Apr. 2014- 93 individuals, 350+ charges
May 2014- 73 individuals, 299 charges
See all the reports here
North Carolina: Illegal aliens commit more than seven child sex assaults per day
Conroe PD arrests one for allegedly transporting 11 illegal aliens
Five Lakewood Men Plead Guilty to Human Trafficking and Operating Brothels
May 29th, 2014
Border Patrol finds $1.6M worth of pot hidden in fake wildlife service truck